Binocular Harness | AF13250

The Barska Binocular Harness allows for convenient carrying of your binoculars while providing additional comfort by distributing the binocular weight to the shoulders rather than the neck. This setup is ideal for longer hikes and outings when long-term comfort is most important, and it also fully adjustable to fit most adult body sizes.


  • Binocular Release Clips
  • Fits Most Binoculars and Cameras
  • Easy to Attach and Fully Adjustable

Universal Camera to Spotting Scope Adaptor, Fits up to 200mm Camera Objective Lens | AF11286

BARSKA Camera to Spotting Scope Adaptor is a universal mounting digital camera to spotting scope mounting adaptor. The extendable arm allows you to mount small to large cameras to a spotting scopes eyepiece Specifications: Will fit cameras up to 200mm in length: From mounting foot connection to cameras objective lens 200mm and hold up to 3lbs.

Digiscoping Adaptor | AF10540

Digiscoping Adaptor is a nifty instrument that holds a digital camera to the eyepiece of a spotting scope, astronomical telescope or monocular to capture images viewed. Adapt to digitally capture images of terrestrial and celestial objects! Fits cameras with eyepieces having an outside diameter between 28mm-45mm.