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Level ED Binoculars

Premium High Definition Extra Low-Dispersion Glass Open Bridge Binoculars



A New Level Of Performance

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Level HD Rifle Scopes

Premium High Definition Hunting & Tactical Riflescopes



A New Level Of Performance!

Biometric rifle Safes

NEW! Quick Access Keypad Biometric Fingerprint Scanning Rifle Safes


Biometric rifle Safes
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Barska has an extensive selection of precision sport optics, gear accessories, security solutions and enthusiast products. From optics and metal detectors to biometric safes we have a product designed for your needs.

New Level Rifle Scopes

Barska has an extensive line on rifle scopes, sights and mounting accessories for your rifle, handgun, shotgun and crossbow. Going hunting? Barska has you covered with a rifle scope or red dot sight for your hunting trip. For popular tactical target shooters Barska has a wide selection of tactical sights and AR-15 Scopes. View All Rifle Scopes

New Level Binoculars

We stock a large selection of precision binoculars and compact monoculars. Looking for compact binoculars, waterproof hunting binoculars, phase coated bird watching binoculars or maybe a high power zoom binoculars, we have it all. View All Binoculars

Barska Spotting Scopes

Looking to get on target? Or maybe your and avid birdwatcher, in any situation Barska has a precision spotting scope for you. From compact spotting scopes to high power long range viewing Barska has you covered with a precision spotter. View All Spotting Scopes

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We have two young children at home that get in to everything. I don't have a handgun but I do have a large hunting rifle and shotgun, with the Barska biometric rifle safe I can get to them quickly ...

Verified Customer: Pual Gibson.

Great Safe Works Every Time, Quick Finger Scan To Protect My Family ...

5 out Of 5 Ratings:

Great wall safe

Fits perfectly between the wall studs. Easy to setup. Serves my needs. Was able to turn off the beeping. Was able to hang a picture using magnets on the safe door. My other fingers scan first time, every time. ...

Verified Customer: Dwayne

Great wall safe, Fits perfectly between the wall studs. Easy to setup. ..

5 Out Of 5 Ratings:

Good eye relief

Picked this up at a Big 5 because it was inexpensive and wanted something for my Savage .22 rifle. I was very surprised to find that it was equal to the Leupold I have on my M!A in the same 3-9x40 configuration. AT A THIRD ...

Verified Customer: Mysterioso

Clear sight picture. Very sharp reticle. Good eye relief. Great price. ...

4 out Of 5 Ratings:


At home my kids get into everything, including playing with my Ipad and headphones. The IBOX keep the keeds out and keeps my things easily accessible with a scan of my fingerprint, I didn't ...

Verified Customer: Tim Powell.

The IBOX Is just What I Needed To Keep The Keeds From My Mobile Devices ...

3.5 out Of 5 Ratings:


I purchased this bio gun safe last month to keep my handguns and ammo secure. Works great, opens in seconds. Easy to use I programed 4 fingers from each hand and my wife's ...

Verified Customer: Max Tillman.

Got This Bio Gun Safe Last Month To Secure My Guns & Ammo At ...

5 out Of 5 Ratings:

Key Cabinets

We are in charge of new dealership development for a large used & ecom. car & truck dealer, we now use these larger key cabinets in our show rooms and they have been perfect for keeping track of keys used daily ...

Verified Customer: jennifer Tillman.

Great Service We have Repeatedly Ordered Large Key Cabinets For ...

5 out Of 5 Ratings:

Easy to setup

Bright, clear, accurate, dependable, affordable. These are a few words that describe the Barska variable power scope that I have had on my 22-250 heavy barrel varmint rifle for a few years. I don't mean to sound like an ad or advertis ...

Verified Customer: OHcornplanter

Barska 6.5-24 varmint scope. Bright, clear, accurate, dependable ...

5 Out Of 5 Ratings:

FV-200 Vault

I moved from the country to the city and need a secure place to store my rifles the FV-2000 Vault is perfect for my needs. I Highly recommend the Barska FV-2000 fire safe for any ...

Verified Customer: Jason Delay.

Saved Over $300 On A Fireproof Fire Vault My Rifles...

4.5 out Of 5 Ratings:

biomeric safes

Ordered my safe Tuesday night and got it in 2days. The fingerprint is a must have handgun owner that has young kids in the home. I have trained my kids but relatives and friends ...

Verified Customer: Teri M.

Quick Shipping Got My Fingerprint Safe In 2days Just W/Free Shipping...

4.5 out Of 5 Ratings:

Spotting Scopes

This product is very well built and takes a lot of punishment between my back pack and fellow hunters. It has fallen out of a 20' tree stand and landed on a rock and to this day functions as the day I received it. Great target acquisition . ...

Verified Customer: JneilC

Target & Hunting Use Spotter Very Well Built And Takes a lot of ...

5 Out Of 5 Ratings:

biometric gun safes

I own more than a few rifles and hand guns that I keep locked up in a large Vault in the basement. But for home defense I keep 2 Glocks in this quick access fingerprint scanning biometric safe in ...

Verified Customer: Jason Nedly.

Quick Access Gun Safe That I Keep IN My Night Stand And So Should You ...

5 out Of 5 Ratings:

Great optic

Picked one of these up at a local store for my 5.56 MVP varmint rifle. Adjustments are crisp and audible and this scope holds zero. First time in the prairie dog towns this year I whacked a prairie dog at 347 yards in a 10 mph cross wind. And I ...

Verified Customer: Big Horn Bsin

Great optic for the price point. I will be buying 2 additional scopes for my AR..

4 out Of 5 Ratings:

4x32 AR-15 Scope

I purchased this scope soon after completing my AR build. I had an idea on what to expect and anticipated a quality product. I just needed something that would allow me quickly eng. ...

Verified Customer: Jason Nedly.

Just Got The 4x32 AR-15 Scope Works Great From Barska ...

5 out Of 5 Ratings:

DX-300 Large Depository

Me and my husband started a pet grooming / supply store this year and business is growing. We handle a lot of cash with 3 other employees and this depository safe is exactly what we ...

Verified Customer: Pual Jackson.

Solid Safes, I highly Recommend This Depository Safe For The Office ...

5 out Of 5 Ratings:

600 Key Cabinet

At our bottling plant we have over 500 locking storage containers that need to be service regularly this 600 key cabinet easily hold more than 600 keys. Quick shipping I highl ...

Verified Customer: Tavon Jackson.

Holds More Than 700 Keys, Lots Of Room On Each key Hook ...

4 out Of 5 Ratings:

Barska Biometric Keypad Safes
All-New Biometric Keypad Safes By Barska®
Security at your fingertips, the all-new biometric keypad safes by Barska are now available in 4 different size models. These safes feature three secure access methods; BioSecure quick access biometric fingerprint scanner, 4-digit keypad and a mechanical key that is located discreetly in the center of the locking safe module.
Barska Compact Keypad Safes
New Compact Full Keypad Safe By Barska®
This new compact safe by Barska features a full numeric keypad secure locking mechanism. This user friendly keypad safe can retain one pin code and comes with a set of key for standard access. Compact yet secure this kepad safe has to solid locking dead-bolts and is made of 12 guage steel.