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Barska® Products
Barska® Value, Quality, New Technology

Top Quality Rifle Scopes, Spotting Scopes, Laser Sights, Swat Tactical Scopes & More!

Barska® is one of the world's leading producers of premium sports optical equipment and accessories. We design our products "To Deliver Value, Quality and New Technology in Outdoor Products That Enhance the Consumer's Lifestyle" in sporting activities such as hunting, fishing, bird watching, and outdoor observation. Products which are carried by the 100 largest sporting goods retailers in America and in Asia, Europe, Africa, South America and Australia include:
  • Rifle Scopes
  • Telescopes
  • Binoculars
  • Lasers
  • Tripods
  • Microscopes
  • Monoculars
  • Spotting Scopes
Our products, especially the riflescopes, feature the latest optical technology made by the most prominent manufacturers using the best components around. Many products, like our rifle scopes and binoculars, feature prisms with a variety of coating and high-density lenses to provide customers with clear, bright, and distinct images.

Barska® rifle scopes, tactical scopes and other optical equipment provide a wide array of the latest accessories such as:

  • Grips
  • Mounts
  • Rings
  • Safes
  • Batteries
  • Rifle Cleaning Supplies
  • Combination Packages
  • Heart Rate Monitors

Rifle Scope and Optical Equipment Accessories

We employ experts in optics and technology who help us produce the best products and offer extensive sales and customer support information to dealers and customers alike. Customer support services are accessible via phone or email and all products are accompanied with a full warranty. Customer support services, manuals, and instructions are offered in multiple languages as products sell globally. We have been in business since 1994, and we are currently based in Pomona, which is located in Southern California.
We have a number of corporate offices, warehouses, and distribution centers around the country and there are also over 40 international distribution centers around the world. Our swift and dynamic supply chain and EDI sends products directly to stores immediately, and products can even be customized for certain corporate purchases. Our vision is to become the largest manufacturer of sports optical equipment and optimize the user experience through cutting edge technology.
Barska® News
New Hunting Trail Cameras By Barska®
Newly designed trail cam by Barska® feature state of the art Infrared LED technology. Scouting a hunting trail for game has never been easier.
New Metal Detectors By Barska®
Barska® new line of metal detectors features three models, the Pro Editon, Master Edition and Elite Edition. Designed for beginners to professionals.
Large Biometric Fingerprint Scanning Safe by Barska®
New to the line of Barska® quick access fingerprint scanning security products is the new large biometric safe. Deep, tall, wide and functional the new large
New Multi-Access Biometric Keypad Safes By Barska®
Barska® new line of multi-access biometric keypad safes bring storage security technology.
Biometric Top Access Drawer Safe by Barska®
The new quick access biometric top opening drawer safe by Barska® features a new dual hydraulic.
Biometric Rifle Safe by Barska®
The all new fingerprint scanning rifle safe is the ultimate secure quick access rifle storage system.

About Barska® - Featured Rifle Scopes & Supporting Products

Sport Optics Products As Diverse As The Customers Who Use Them. Since 1994, Barska® success and growth in the sport optics industry has been a direct result of our commitment "To Deliver Value, Quality and New Technology in Outdoor Products That Enhance the Consumer's Lifestyle". Year after year, we continually strive to provide our customers and valued retailers with the widest and most diverse selection of sport optics products available in the industry. By relentlessly working to achieve this goal now and in the future Barska® will continue to grow and to be recognized as the brand of choice for the most innovative and extensive line of sport optics products available --- from Barska® riflescopes and Barska® binoculars to Barska® spotting scopes, shooting accessories, telescopes, trail cameras and other products that provide enjoyment to outdoor enthusiasts no matter what activities they pursue.

When safety and security are essential for your peace of mind, consider the use of a biometric gun safe that opens for the right fingerprint. Use of these safes has reduced the number of encounters between children and the firearm that is meant to protect the family in the event of a home invasion. One of the newest biometric safes is a top-opening model that is a perfect fit for most lower-desk drawers. Instead of hanging file folders, the drawer is the home of a biometric gun safe that will save a dozen or more fingerprints to accommodate the safety needs in an office setting. Fingerprint recognition technology provides absolute security against loss of any object inside the biometric gun safe.

Barska® Specialty - Rifle Scopes

One of our main specialties is our riflescopes that are used heavily in the military, hunting, and law enforcement communities. The experts and professionals at our company constantly research and develop new technology to improve the customer experience. Our products offer the best and latest technology in optics, but they are sold at reasonable prices to accommodate our consumers all over the world. Our products, like binoculars or a rifle scope, can be researched from home through our website and can be purchased through various sporting goods retailers.

Some of our most important rifle scopes includes those for the armed services. In military and police settings, accuracy is the most important factor to prevent harm to unintended targets. A sniper scope contains flawless optical glass lenses and is an essential tool to the professionals who protect the public. Very large distances must be traversed visually while keeping the soldier or law enforcement officer at a safe distance and protected behind a barrier. The turrets on the sniper scope must be easily turned with the fingers while looking through the scope. Tiny audible clicks ensure accurate adjustments that elevate the sniper scope for perfect selection of a target amidst numerous obstacles. The sniper scope is useful to avid hunters in many harsh conditions where the sealed casing of the scope prevents moisture from creating fog between the lenses.

Extreme shooting situations have made the use of tactical scopes essential to success in recreational and military situations. Tactical scopes such as Ar15 scopes contain an intricate adjustment mechanism since the tiniest adjustment must be completed to frame a target that is nearly 1000 yards away. Rifles that have adjustable power settings can be set accurately based on the information provided by tactical scopes. When the rifle power setting is matched with the distance that must be traversed to hit the target, the bullet will hit the target with dependable accuracy. Because the turrets can be set and locked, repetitious shots will meet the mark every time.

New Winbest Metal Detectors By Barska®

The newly designed Elite edition winbest metal detector by Barska® leaves nothing to chance when searching for treasure. The advanced object detection technology allows the operator to determine what the metal object could be. Barska® Metal Detectors are available in 3 models Pro, Master and Elite.

Featured New Optical Equipment New Barska® Trail Cameras

Barska®'s new trail cameras are designed to be a hunters vigilant eyes in the woods day and night. With the new Barska® trail cameras, hunters will be able to capture images and video of wildlife that passes by prospective game trails. These trail cams work by using an advanced programmable motion detection sensor that triggers the wide-angle camera to capture photos or video. Immediately view captured images and video in the field with the built-in LCD display that is securely enclosed within the unit. Built to withstand the elements from desert heat to arctic cold, the Barska® trail cameras are a must have tool for the avid hunter.
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