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Spare Part Request

If you looking for a spare part or accessorial, you need to fill in the spare part request form and click “SUBMIT” button. Someone will reach you to help you out on the spare part you required.

Spare parts

If you have purchased an item within Barska’s 21 day return policy or our vendors return policy and you are missing a part. The missing parts will be free but we will need to see a copy of the proof of purchase in order to process the request.

Spare Part Pictures

Please include a picture of the spare part you need if possible. This way we can avoid sending you the incorrect part.

Are parts returnable?

Spare parts are not returnable. All parts are final sale. There will be no refund unless the part is defective.

Lead time?

Spare part order can take 3-4 weeks to process depending if the part available at the moment.

Please upload files under 6.144 MB.