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Sure Safes - Buy Security Solutions Direct

Sure Safes is a direct supplier of industry leading security storage products for both home and professional use. The wide range of products available from Sure Safes have been designed to fit the needs of businesses and individuals who are looking for advanced security solutions at a direct-to-consumer price. Whether you are looking for the latest in Biometric Safe technology or need a secure method of storing important keys, Sure Safes has a wide range of top quality products to fit every need.

How to Buy Safes

A user-friendly menu system has been implemented to help customers find the perfect safe that fits their particular needs. Safes can be narrowed down by type, such as biometric, digital, combination, depository, key cabinets, and much more. Customers can browse through these categories of safes and then narrow down their search results by price, storage capacity, or weight. A Sure Safes customer service representative is always standing by to help you find the perfect safe that is right for you

Top Key Cabinets

Many businesses have a large amount of keys on hand, and Sure Safes recognizes the need to keep these important keys both secured and organized. You will find an entire line of professional grade key cabinets available at Sure Safes, ranging from compact emergency key boxes to large industrial cabinets capable of storing 400 to 600 keys.

Types of Key Cabinets Offered by Sure Safes:

  • Key Lock Key Cabinet
  • Combination Lock Key Cabinet
  • Digital Key Cabinet with PIN
  • Emergency Key Safes with Breakable Glass

Industry Leading Biometric Fingerprint Scanning Technology

Sure Safes now offers the latest safes featuring advanced biometric fingerprint scanning technology, a revolutionary new way to quickly access valuables while using your unique fingerprint as the key. Biometric safes take only seconds to program and only open when an authorized fingerprint is placed on the scanner. Safes featuring this advanced biometric technology eliminate the need to locate keys or remember complex combination. Instead, the safe opens within seconds of you placing your fingerprint on the biometric scanner, allowing you to access the contents inside at a moments notice. Each biometric safe from Sure Safes comes with 2 back-up keys as an alternative way of accessing the safe.

Top-Selling Safes and Lock Boxes
  • Large Biometric Rifle Safe - AX11898
  • iBOX Secure Storage Device
  • Standard Biometric Safe - AX11224
  • Four Rifle Biometric Safe - AX11652
  • Compact Biometric Safe - AX11620
Rifle Safes and Vaults

Properly securing and protecting a firearm is a top priority for any gun owner, which is why Sure Safes offers a wide range of rifle safes and fireproof gun vaults that are specifically designed to provide maximum security. Biometric Rifle Safes allow the user to quickly access the firearms inside at a moments notice by simply placing their finger on the biometric scanner. This biometric technology also prevents unauthorized users from accessing the safe by rejecting their unregistered fingerprint. 

Sure Safes also offers a line of fireproof gun vaults that have been designed to maximize protection to the firearms inside. These fire vaults are constructed with solid steel and fireproof gypsum board, and feature a carpeted interior for added protection. Each fire vault features a digital keypad that retains one PIN code as well as two traditional back-up keys. The FV Series of fireproof rifle vaults come in three different sizes, including a 14,