Winbest Premiere Edition Underwater Metal Detector | Deal of the Day

The Premiere Edition Underwater Metal Detector by Barska detect metals in fresh or salt water up to 32.8′. This submersible unit features a 10″ search coil and two operating modes. One mode detects any type of metal, and the other ignores any metal type you are not interested in. An LED light flashes red when a target is detected, and an audio tone will emit a distinctive tone when different types of metals are sensed. There are adjustable knobs for sensitivity and volume control since the unit can be used with the included headphones.


  • Submersible to 32.8′
  • For Use in Fresh/Salt Water
  • Two Operation Modes
  • 10″ Search Coil
  • LED Lights Flash Red When Metal Detected
  • Emits Audio Tone for Each Type of Metal
  • Sensitivity for U.S. Quarter: 8″

Winbest Pro 200 Metal Detector Field Kit | Deal of the Day

The Pro-200 Metal Detector Field Kit features all of the essential accessories needed to begin your treasure-hunting adventure. The Pro-200 Metal Detector is a user-friendly metal detector with adjustable sensitivity and an easy-to-read display. It features a weather-sealed search coil for metal detecting in shallow waters. It also features an adjustable stem that can be set to a height of up to 47 inches. This Field Kit includes a compact folding shovel that doubles as a pick and features a compass built into the handle. This folding shovel is perfect for breaking up the tough ground and retrieving deeply buried items.  This Metal Detector Field Kit also includes headphones that connect directly to the metal detector, and a convenient soft carrying case allows you to transport the entire kit easily.


  • Pro-200 Metal Detector
  • Submergible Search Coil
  • Adjustable Metal Discrimination
  • Adjustable Sensitivity
  • Adjustable Stem (up to 47 inches)
  • Headphones and Headphone Jack
  • Volume Control
  • Folding Shovel with Built-In Compass in Handle
  • Soft Carrying Case with Shoulder Strap
  • Sensitivity for U.S. Quarter: 6.3″

BARSKA XD-10 Extendable Selfie Stick with Built-In Bluetooth Shutter, USB Cable, Wrist Strap, An excellent Portable Phone Tripod Stand for Group Selfie, Live Streaming, and Video Recording

Extend the scope of your photos with the XD-10 Selfie Stick by Winbest. Featuring a handle and phone mount with a rubberized grip. The length of the XD-10 is telescopic with a maximum length of 30″. It condenses to a minimum length of 13″ which makes it ideal for traveling. Weighing it at just 5.6 ounces, it’s effortless to carry and use. A single button at the head of the handle triggers the shutter, which connects to your phone via bluetooth. A USB charging cable and wrist strap are included.


  • Holds Phones Up To 3″ in Width
  • Max Length 30″, Min Length 13″
  • Includes USB charging cable, Wrist Strap, and Instruction Manual

Winbest SURVEYOR-100 Handheld Metal Detector by Barska

The Surveyor-100 Handheld Metal Detector is a versatile compact wand detector with many applications. When metal is detected, the Surveyor-100 features a vibrating pulse indicator and flashing LED lights. The Surveyor-100 Detector can be used to pinpoint the exact location of a buried metal when metal detecting. With a 360-degree scanning area, the Surveyor-100 can detect in any position and at any angle. This compact handheld detector will detect valuable objects such as coins, jewelry, and precious metals. The Handheld Surveyor-100 features a built-in LED flashlight that can be used to spot objects in dark environments and also includes a convenient holster for easy transport.


  • Vibrating Pulse Indicator
  • Visual Light Indicator
  • 360 Degree Scan Coverage
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Durable Construction
  • Built-In LED Flashlight
  • Convenient Carry Holster
  • Easy to Use
  • Water Resistant
  • Length: 11 in
  • Sensitivity for U.S. Quarter: 1.5″

Winbest Pro Edition Metal Detector

The Pro Edition Metal Detector from Barska is a user-friendly metal detector with multiple modes of operation and adjustable sensitivity. Search for different kinds of metals with auto ground balance and high sensitivity. Discriminate between different metals by adjusting the spectral response of the search coil with a dial located on the control box. The 6.5-inch search coil is weather sealed and can detect even in shallow water.


  • All Metal / Discriminate Modes
  • Submersible Search Coil
  • Adjustable Sensitivity
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Adjustable Arm Rest
  • Adjustable Stem
  • Headphone Jack
  • Volume Control
  • Sensitivity for U.S. Quarter: 6.2″

Foldable Metal Shovel with Bag

The Barska Folding Shovel is an all-purpose accessory that features a compact design and is useful for multiple applications. Both the shovel and the pick are ideal for breaking through tough soil, making this folding shovel great for camping, metal detecting, and other outdoor activities.


  • Durable Steel Construction
  • Converts to a Pick for Added Utility
  • Compact Folding Design
  • Serrated Edge
  • Built-In Compass
  • Bottle Opener
  • Carrying Case

Winbest Metal Detector Headphones


  • 3.5mm Headphone Jack Size
  • Adjustable padded headband
  • Padded ear cushions
  • Single sided long cord with volume control
  • Over-the-ear design
  • Delivers crisp audio
  • No batteries needed

Winbest Sifter, Shovel and Rake

Consists of the most important hand tools that are needed to get started in recovering valuable objects when searching in sand or soft Earth. All items are non-metallic which will not interfere with metal detector readings.

Winbest Carrying Bag for Metal Detector

Preserve and protect the quality of your Barska metal detector with this carrying bag. Made from soft but strong material and features 2 outside zippered pockets, long zippered main compartment with a large interior space, 2 carrying handles, 45″ inches in length and 11″ inches wide and will fit any metal detector with a maximum length of 45″~. Includes adjustable carrying strap.

Winbest Pro 400 Edition Metal Detector

The Winbest Pro-400 Metal Detector makes discovering buried treasures easy and fun! When a metal is detected, an intuitive 4-color LED indicator highlights the suspected metal type on the detector’s faceplate. Set the Pro-400 to disregard undesired metals with the Eliminator adjustment knob, which allows you to focus on the metals you want to find.


  • Visual 4-Color LED Indicator
  • Distinctive Tones for Different Metals
  • Submergible Search Coil
  • Eliminator Knob to Ignore Undesired Metals
  • Adjustable Sensitivity
  • Adjustable Stem (35″ to 45″)
  • Headphone Jack
  • Volume Control
  • Sensitivity for U.S. Quarter: 6.3″