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  1. Show details for Winbest 4500 PSI Air Gun PCP Hand Pump 3 Stage

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    The Winbest PCP Hand Pump by Barska is a must-have accessory for air gun enthusiasts. This Progressive Cavity Pump (PCP) features a universal design that works with a variety of air guns and air rifles. A 3-stage high pressure pump design allows you to reach 4,500 PSI with less effort than other pumps, which will provide your air gun with maximum pressure. An integral air pressure gauge allows you to reach an optimal PSI pressure level, and a glow-in-the-dark pressure gauge face allows for an accurate readout in low light conditions. The Winbest PCP Air Pump comes with a female Foster quick-disconnect valve that is compatible with most air rifles and air tanks.


    • Maximum 4,500 PSI / 310 bar
    • 3-Stage High Pressure Pump
    • Moisture Filter
    • Integral Air Pressure Gauge
    • Female Foster Quick-Disconnect Valve
    • Folding Base Plate
    • No-Slip Rubber Grips
    • Glow-in-the-Dark Pressure Gauge Face
  2. Show details for XD-10 Selfie Stick w/ Built-In Bluetooth Shutter

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    The Winbest XD-10 Selfie Stick by Barska is an innovative new way to quickly capture those special moments, and is a great accessory for vacations, parties, family gatherings, or other special events. Connect your Smartphone to the XD-10 instantly with Bluetooth connectivity, and press the built-in Shutter Button to snap your picture! The XD-10 Selfie Stick has the ability to extend from only 7 inches all the way to 30 inches, making it compact enough to fit in a small handbag yet long enough to fit everyone into the picture. The XD-10 Selfie Stick requires no batteries to operate. Instead, the XD-10 is charged via a USB port located on the bottom of the handle, giving you hours of runtime on a single charge.


    • Bluetooth Shutter Button
    • Wireless Connectivity
    • Compact and Lightweight
    • Extends from 7 in. to 30 in.
    • Adjustable Cradle Bracket Fits Most Smartphones
    • 270 Degree Pan and Tilt Clamp Head
    • Adjustable Wrist Strap
    • USB Charging Port
    • Direct Use Requires No App
    • 1 Hour Charge Time, 100 Hour Standby Time

    Please reference the additional information tab below for a list of compatible Smartphone models.


Winbest Metal Detector Accessories by Barska

Barska offers a number of metal detector accessories that help the user uncover hidden treasures just beneath their feet. The Winbest sifter, shovel, and rake set help with the excavation and recovery of detected metal. The included shovel and rake help break up hard surfaces while the sifter conveniently sorts out the treasure from the dirt. The Winbest metal detector headphones plug right into any metal detector that has a headphone jack in order to drown out background noise to better hear the metal detectors notification beeps. Barska also carries the Winbest metal detector carrying case for transporting and storing your metal detector and accessories.