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  1. Binocular Tripod Adaptor by Barska

    • Solid and sturdy
    • Fits most binoculars equipped with adaptor screws
    • To be used with tripods or window mounts

    Price: $9.99

    Was: $20.75

  2. Ball Joint Tripod Head by Barska

    Barska's line of professional grade Tripod and Tripod Accessories have been designed to provide all types of photographers with high quality equipment at a great value. From amateurs to professional photographers and videographers, Barska offers a wide range of products to fit every need.

    • Universal Quick-Release Mounting Plate
    • Standard 1/4"-20 Mounting Screw
    • Connects to 3/8 - 16 Thread Tripod Screw
    • Full 360 Degree Panning
    • 90 Degree Tilt
    • Bull's Eye Bubble Level
    • Easy-to-Use Adjustment Knobs
    • Portable and Sturdy

    Price: $34.99

    Was: $71.50

  3. Pistol Grip Tripod Head by Barska

    The Pistol Grip Tripod Head with Quick Release Plate from Barska gives you smooth, single-handed camera positioning in almost any direction simply by pulling and releasing the trigger. The Barska Pistol Grip Tripod Head has a full 360 degree positioning range thanks to a vertical cutout that also allows for a 90 degree tilt, which allows you to shoot straight down or in a portrait orientation. The included quick-release plate enables fast camera mounting and allows you to switch to handheld shooting in seconds. Cameras attach to the quick release plate using a standard 1/4"-20 screw. Changing camera position and shooting style is as easy as pulling a trigger. Tripod and camera not included.


    • Quick Action Positioning Trigger
    • Universal Quick-Release Mounting Plate
    • 360 Degree Positioning Range
    • Standard 1/4"-20 Mounting Screw
    • Connects to 3/8 - 16 Thread Tripod Screw
    • 90 Degree Tilt
    • Bull's Eye Bubble Level
    • Portable and Sturdy

    Price: $34.99

    Was: $71.50

  4. Table Top Tripod by Barska

    The Table Top Tripod from Barska provides steady viewing in a compact and portable design. This Pan Head tripod is perfect for stabilizing cameras, binoculars, video cameras, spotting scopes, and much more. The Barska Table Top Tripod attaches to most consumer cameras and viewing devices with a standard 1/4-20 UNC threaded mounting screw. Secure your viewing position by turing the adjustment lever and locking the viewing angle into place. This lightweight tripod can easily be transported in a backpack or small bag and is strong enough to support a large DLSR Camera or high-powered Spotting Scope.


    • Pan Head Design
    • Standard 1/4-20 UNC Threading
    • Wrist Strap
    • No-Slip Rubber Feet

    Price: $16.99

    Was: $34.00

  5. Monopod by Barska

    The Barska Monopod is a sturdy, lightweight aluminum camera support that helps you to capture clear, crisp images when you don't want carry a tripod around with you. The leg stages extend, retract and lock into place quickly and securely with flip-locks for every extension, so setup is a breeze. The monopod supports up to 23.5 lb (10.7 kg), extends up to 67 inches, and collapses down to just 21 inches. You can mount a compact camera, DSLR, compact camcorder, or even binoculars for solid support.


  6. Soft Carrying Case
  7. Rubberized Grip
  8. Wrist Strap
  9. Spiked Foot

Price: $19.99

Was: $42.90

  • Deluxe Tripod by Barska

    The Barska Deluxe Tripod is a lightweight aluminum tripod that features a bubble level, large knurled panning handle and large tilt handle to make precise adjustments. Whether your interest is sports, bird watching or stargazing, you'll appreciate the built-in quick release that helps you set up or pack up in seconds. The 3 section tripod legs employ braces for extra sturdiness and flip-locks to help you extend the tripod to its maximum height of 63.4" or anywhere in between. The center column has a hand crank for height adjustments and an accessory hook at the bottom to hang weighty objects for greater stability.


  • Pan Head with Quick-Release Platform
  • Adjustable Tilt and Pan Controls
  • Accessory Hook, to Stabilize the Tripod
  • Leveling Bubble, Allowing for Optimum Viewing and Picture Taking
  • Extending Adjustable Legs with Rubber Feet
  • Quick Release Leg Locks
  • Includes Carrying Case
  • Price: $49.99 & FREE Shipping

    Was: $103.65

  • Professional Tripod by Barska

    Ideal for large binoculars, spotting scopes and telescopes.

    • Adjustable tilt and pan controls
    • Leveling Bubble, allowing for optimum viewing and picture taking
    • Variable angle leg spread
    • Plate head with quick release platform
    • Extending adjustable legs with rubber feet
    • Spiked feet
    • Changeable Tripod Head (Base Screw Thread: 3/8”)
    • Quick release leg locks
    • Includes Carrying Case

    Price: $159.99 & FREE Shipping & FREE Shipping

    Was: $328.65

  • Elite Tripod by Barska

    Tripod features an accessory hook that can be used to further stabilize the tripod in very windy conditions. Hang a counter weight (not supplied) onto the hook to stabilize your tripod. Extendable locking legs with rubber feet for stability.

    • Quick release platform
    • Extendable legs
    • Rubber feet
    • Accessory hook
    • Carrying case included
    • Changeable Tripod Head (Base Screw Thread: 3/8”)

    Price: $89.99 & FREE Shipping & FREE Shipping

    Was: $178.65

  • Digital Tripod by Barska

    Compact tripod ideal for small optical devices, such as a digital camera, video camera, or any other lightweight item that is tripod adaptable.

    • Pan head tripod with standard platform
    • Built in fluid level
    • Extending adjustable legs with quick release leg locks
    • Adjustable tilt and pan controls
    • Rubberized feet for a more stabilized position
    • Carrying case included

    Price: $24.99

    Was: $51.90

  • Ball Joint Tripod Head System by Barska


    • Easily attached to most tripods
    • Supports lightweight to medium SLR systems
    • Ball-and-socket head design allows for quick camera positioning at virtually any angles
    • Features a vertical cut out for viewing straight down
    • Quick release mounting platform
    • Adjustable locking levers
    • All-metal construction

    Price: $29.99

    Was: $64.40

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    10 Item(s)

    Barska Tripods Monopods, Head Systems and Mounts By Barska®

    Hunting is a hobby, or sport, which requires a great deal of time. That, inherently, means that hunters need to be among the most patient people in the world, waiting for just the right moment and just the right shot to accomplish their goal for the day. In a society as fast-paced as the modern economy, it's easy to see how patience might be in short supply and most hunters might get tired after just a few hours of focusing on a single target or geographic area. Added with the pressures of holding a gun or a rifle and constantly being ready to spring into action, patience is easier said than done in the field. That is unless, of course, the hunter in question is equipped with a high-quality tripod.

    Plenty of Options for the Discerning Outdoor Enthusiast

    Barska believes in patience, and wants to encourage patience, and thus it has developed a large line of tripod products, which are the best way to store and hold a Barska spotting scope during a long day of hunting and outdoor gamesmanship. Every tripod sold by the company is made of only the most durable materials--typically aluminum, in many cases--meaning that these helpful accessories are designed to withstand the rough elements of the fall and winter hunting periods, as well as the less forgiving elements experienced during the summer months in certain locations.

    In addition to its broad line of tripods, Barska sells a limited line of monopods which are a great alternative to the heavier weight and bulkier form factor of the common tripod. It pairs both its tripod and monopod products with a number of head systems that can support and maintain a wide number of spotting scopes currently on the market. This kind of adaptability makes it possible to purchase just one tripod to meet most all needs, leading to an overall cost savings that cannot be underestimated, especially when dealing with the typical budget of a hobbyist versus the outdoors professional.

    The Ultimate Way to Link all Products

    Employing the assistance of a Barska tripod or monopod is a great way to link all of the excellent outdoors products sold by this innovative supplier of high-tech, high-quality outdoor gadgetry. The durable and element-resistant construction of these accessories ensures that shots will be most accurate, especially when paired with one of the company's laser sights or rifle scopes, and it ensures that the hunter will be well-rested enough to make excellent use of their many Barska resources. Overall, the tripod is the solution to a missing link, ensuring the most comfortable and successful experience outdoors for the widest variety of hobbyists and professionals.