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Sticky Logo Biometric Safe with Fingerprint Lock by Barska

Biometric Safe with Fingerprint Lock by Barska

Price: $199.99

Was: $406.25

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Biometric Safe with Fingerprint Lock by Barska
Biometric Safe with Fingerprint Lock by Barska
Biometric Safe with Fingerprint Lock by Barska Biometric Safe with Fingerprint Lock by Barska Biometric Safe with Fingerprint Lock by Barska Biometric Safe with Fingerprint Lock by Barska Biometric Safe with Fingerprint Lock by Barska Biometric Safe with Fingerprint Lock by Barska Biometric Safe with Fingerprint Lock by Barska video

Compact Biometric Safe by Barska


Top Opening Biometric Drawer Safe by Barska

Biometric Safe with Fingerprint Lock by Barska

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In stock

Price: $199.99

Was: $406.25

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The Barska Biometric Safe sets the standard for biometric security technology, allowing you to safely store your valuables while having the ability to access them quickly with the touch of a fingerprint. The Barska Biometric Safe can store up to 30 different fingerprints, and the advanced bio-technology will only recognize the prints that have been programmed into the safe. The Barska Biometric Safe is the perfect storage solution for small electronics, firearms, jewelry, medicines, and important documents.


  • New Silent Access Feature
  • 2 Solid Steel Locking Bolts
  • Operates on 4-AA Batteries (Included)
  • CA DOJ Approved
  • Protective Floor Mat
  • Set of Emergency Back-Up Keys
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Outer Dimensions: 16.5inch x 14.5inch x 7.75inch
  • Inner Dimensions: 16.25inch x 12inch x 7inch 
  • Weight: 25 lbs.


Condition new
Brand Barska
Lock Mechanism Motorized Dead Bolt
DOJ Approved yes
Thickness 1/16
Lock Type Biometric
Model # AX11224
Access Method Front
UPC 790272980741
Body Material Steel
Fingerprint Memory 30
Product Weight 25 lbs.
Included Accessories Inner floor mat, emergency back-up keys, mounting hardware and batteries
Warranty One-Year Limited Warranty
Batteries 4 AA
Outer Size 16.5
Inner Size 16.25
Locking Sytem Motorized deadbolt lock
Keep your valuables safe and hidden with Barskas Biometric Safe. When the contents must be accessed, the state of the art locking mechanism is opened through the high-tech art of fingerprint recognition. The owner of the biometric safe can record up to 30 fingerprints that open the lock immediately after the safe is easily programmed. Some owners want to have one or more other people who can open the safe in case a need arises in their absence. Important documents and valuables are placed inside the safe for secure keeping and the safe is stored in an obscure location. Only those who have recorded a fingerprint with the safe will be successful in opening it. Valuable contents are protected from thieves who are completely unable to access the interior of the safe. If the contents must be accessed quickly, the touch of a finger in the correct position against the locking mechanism will open the lock and provide immediate access. No more need for finding the right key or remembering a complex numeric combination under duress. Most biometric safes include a key for traditional access in the event access to the fingerprint is not available, and the safe must be opened. Great for small electronics, firearms, jewelry, important documents, and more!

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Ratings and Reviews

  1. Awesome

    review by Ray on 9/28/2016

    I have used this safe in my bedroom daily for over 2 years. I love this awesome safe. I have yet to experience any problem and it works as programed every time. It is quick and not tempermental. I have several finger prints programed in so I do not have to think about which one to use. My fingers can be at different angles within the scanner enclosure so I am confident that it will open even when I am distressed. Thank you for making a safe that really works as I had hoped.

  2. Just What I Was Looking For In A Safe

    review by Tim G. on 9/20/2016

    I debated for months over which safe to buy. I knew I wanted biometric for quick access and had looked at the Gunvault. However I just was not quite satisfied with its construction. This safe was sort of a last minute find. So far I am quite pleased. I was not sure, having never physically examined this one prior to purchase, whether it would be big enough, strong enough or easy enough access. I must say, it is a simple design but has ample space for several firearms and room to spare for ammo or other valuables. The set up was easy and, so far, I have had no access issues.

  3. Terrific Fingerprint Safe

    review by Steve B. on 9/20/2016

    This has been a great purchase for us. When I got it I was concerned about the "loud" beep it supposedly would make when it's opened, but once I got the batteries in, registered my thumb print and then opened it, I started laughing! Unless I got an unusually quiet unit, you've got to be kidding! The beep just lets you know it's working. If we're ever in a situation where we have to quickly get our gun, the mild beep will be a non-issue. The unit we received is the exact right size for us, it was simple to register my and my wife's thumb prints (as per suggestion from others, we registered both thumbs a few times), and it is exactly the type of safe gun storage unit my wife and I were looking for.

  4. Extremely Pleased With It!

    review by Rick S. on 9/20/2016

    I am 54 years old and have never owned a gun. Times are changing and the break-ins have been getting closer and closer to my neighborhood. I know how to use a gun and I qualify every year at work. My wife also knows how to handle and shoot a gun. I finally decided that if someone breaks into my house in the middle of the night, and he intends to harm us: It would be better if the intruder gets shot than us. It would be a crime if I knew how to use a gun, but didn’t have one, and watched my family get hurt. So, I decided it was time to get one. The bigger concern for me was how to secure it: Primarily from the Grandchildren, but also from others. About a year ago, I didn’t even know Barska existed. I had been wanting a biometric gun safe and had made up my mind on another brand (the only brand that I knew made them). When it came time to buy (the other brand), I did some research and found some complaints about it failing to open and how long it took to open. I went to a sporting goods store that stocked it to put my hands on it and see how well it worked first hand. The first red flag went up when the salesman (who had his finger programmed for it) had to reposition his finger four times before it finally opened. We played with it a few times. The second red flag went up when it recognized his fingerprint once, but the door failed to open. I thought to myself, “It would be terrible to have a gun in the house for self-defense, and then not be able to get to it (or get to it quickly) the one time that I would need it!” So, back to researching I went. I stumbled upon the Barska biometric safes during an internet search. As I said, I didn’t even know Barska existed. I read every review I could find and found no complaints. I watched a few online videos to see how fast it opened and was impressed. It opened much faster than the other brand, which would be extremely important in an emergency. I asked for, and received, the Barska biometric safe for Christmas. I’ve had it for seven months now and love it! Our gun is in it as well as my wife’s most special jewelry. My wife goes in it about every third day which is great because she now knows how to open it without even thinking about. Meaning: If she has to get to the gun in the middle of the night for self-defense, when all that adrenaline is pumping, she automatically knows what to do! That is very important to me! I go in it about once a month just to make sure things are working. I have complete confidence in this safe. I am very comfortable with very slight time lapse it takes for it to open. It is the fastest on the market. And I know exactly how long it takes and I know it will open when it should. I’ve bought quite a few products over my lifetime that haven’t quite lived up to my expectations. I am absolutely thrilled with this safe! That is why I am taking the time to pass my experience on to you.

  5. Great Fingerprint Safe for Hand Guns

    review by Brandon Powers on 9/20/2016

    Very quick & simple to scan fingerprints, it took few minutes to set up, excellent two dead bolt locking mechanism, can silence the beep easily, plenty of space for my Glock 22 and a XD plus mags and ammo plus other valuables. Now my handguns are safe! Any serious buyer would choose this safe over the cheaper units in the market. Just a little too long to fit in my small night stand but I opened up the back of my night stand and problem was solved. Bolted to my nightstand with reinforcement underneath the floor. Great deal and I highly recommend this safe to any gun owner.

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