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Biometric Safes

Quick Access Biometric Fingerprint Scanning Safes


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key cabinets

Complete Line of Multi-Key Storage Cabinets & Safes

Multi-Key Cabinets

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Large biometric rifle safe

Quick Access Fingerprint Scanning Rifle Safes

Large Biometric
Rifle Safes

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Large biometric rifle safe

Barska Safe & Security Categories

Barska has a complete line of security solutions for the home and office with a wide selection of biometric safes, fire vaults, key cabinets, depository safes and lock boxes. Security experts, we strive to advance safe technology, thats why we are the industry leader in quick access fingerprint scanning safes.

Barska Biometric Safes

Security at your fingertips with Barska quick access biometric safes. Biometric gun safes, rifle safes, biometric wall safes and more, we have an industry leading selection of fingerprint scanning safes featuring Barska's BioSecure biometric technology.View All Biometric Safes

Fireproof Vaults

Barska FV-Series of fire rated vaults or the perfect solution for home and office secure storage of large valuable items and rifles. Our new live of jewelry vaults feature fire rating and storage compartments for your valuables.View All Fireproof Vaults