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    The 200 Keys Adjustable Key Cabinet with RFID Lock from Barska (Grey) features a hook-style cabinet that makes key organization easy and convenient. Inside the cabinet are a total of 20 rows of color-coded and numbered hooks, each of which is easy to access and keep track of thanks to the included key index. The two-sided indexing chart has ample room to document the keys hook position corresponding lock, and a drop-in plastic sleeve tethered to the hinge inside the safe provides a hands-free reference. The safe has four pre-drilled mounting holes and included hardware for installation. RFID locking system allows quick and easy access to the cabinet using the included 5, programmable keycards.


    • 200 Numbered Key Hooks
    • RFID Locking System
    • Labeled Key Shelves
    • Key Log Sheet
    • 200 Colored Key Tags
    • Mounting Hardware
    • 5 RFID Keycards
    • Mini screwdriver
    • Product Dimensions (DxWxH): 5.5in x 14.75in x 21.75in


    CR2450 Battery Not Included.

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    Keep up to 200 keys organized and secure in this key cabinet. Adjustable key shelves, four pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware included for easy installation. Chart insert can be used as a log sheet and or a key index to keep track of keys. Ideal for home, office, apartment complex, rental management companies, car lots, body shops and more.


    • 200 Numbered Key Hooks
    • Mounting Hardware
    • Lock Box Keys
    • Outer Size (DxWxH): 5.5in x 14.75in x 21.75in
    • Includes: Labeled key shelves, Log Sheet, Mounting hardware, Keys

Key Cabinets - Security and Organized Storage

Many businesses require the use of multiple keys on a daily basis. Whether they are property managers, car dealerships, or just have a lot of keys on hand, it is important to keep these keys both secured and protected. Barska offers a complete line of industrial grade key cabinets that have been designed to provide an efficient method of organizing keys while keeping these important keys protected. 

User-Friendly Organization

When dealing with hundreds of keys, it can seem like a daunting task to find the correct one. Each key cabinet available from Barska comes with either colored key tags, numbered key tags, or a key log for recording the purpose of each key. Larger cabinets, such as the 400 and 600 Position Key Cabinet, come with both colored key tags and multiple key logs. These colored key tags feature a removable label strip that allows the user to label each key for easy identification. 

Emergency Key Boxes

Many companies would benefit from having an important key that could be easily accessed during an emergency. Two models of Emergency Key Boxes with breakable glass are available from Barska. These key boxes are used to store important keys and can be accessed routinely with a traditional key lock. However, if an emergency situation should arise, any user can use the attached hammer to break the small tempered glass window and retrieve the key. These types of emergency key boxes are ideal for warehouses and can be used to store the keys to important equipment. In the event that a piece of equipment needs to be shut down immediately, the necessary key can be retrieved from the emergency key box by breaking through the tempered glass. Barska also carries replacement glass in large and small sizes for these emergency lock boxes. 

Top-Selling Key Cabinets

  • 400 Position Key Cabinet - CB12490
  • 600 Position Key Cabinet - CB12700
  • 200 Position Key Cabinet - AX11824
  • 64 Position Key Cabinet - CB12486
  • 36 Position Key Cabinet - AX11820
Types of Barska Key Cabinets
  • Traditional Key Lock
  • 3-Digit Combination Lock
  • Digital Key Cabinet with PIN
  • Emergency Key Safes with Breakable Glass
Solid Steel Construction

Sure Safe's line of industrial key cabinets are constructed from high quality sheet steel to ensure years of protection and use. These durable key cabinets feature pre-drilled mounting holes in the back that allow the user to mount their steel key cabinet to a wall for easy access. Solid steel locks on each key cabinet are tamper-resistant and help ensure that only authorized users can access the safe.