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Sticky Logo Red Laser with 200 Lumen Flashlight By Barska

Red Laser with 200 Lumen Flashlight By Barska

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Red Laser with 200 Lumen Flashlight By Barska
Red Laser with 200 Lumen Flashlight By Barska
Red Laser with 200 Lumen Flashlight By Barska Red Laser with 200 Lumen Flashlight By Barska Red Laser with 200 Lumen Flashlight By Barska Red Laser with 200 Lumen Flashlight By Barska Red Laser with 200 Lumen Flashlight By Barska Red Laser with 200 Lumen Flashlight By Barska

Red Laser with 200 Lumen Flashlight By Barska
Model Number: AU12392

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In stock

Price: $70.00 & FREE Shipping & FREE Shipping

Was: $142.90

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The Barska 5mW Red Laser Sight/Flashlight Combo is a laser/flashlight combo that features a 200 lumen intense bright light and 5mW high power red laser sight. Both the targeting laser and the illuminating flashlight have been integrated into one compact unit with an innovative built-in weaver style/picatinny mount. The Barska Red Laser Sight/Flashlight Combo has been designed to fit most Picatinny rifle rails and handguns with built-in rail systems. This Laser/Flashlight Combo can be activated by either the included momentary on/off pressure switch or by the toggle switch on the back of the unit. Whether being used for recreational targeting or home defense, the Barska 5mW Laser and 200 Lumen Flashlight Combo is the perfect tactical upgrade for your rifle or handgun.


  • 5mW Red Laser Sight
  • 200 Lumen Flashlight
  • New Weaver style /Picatinny Mount
  • On/Off Pressure Switch
  • Windage / Elevation Adjustments

The Barska 5mW Red Laser Sight & Flashlight Combo w/ 200 Lumens has multiple function modes allow you to use just the flashlight, just the laser or both at the same time. The laser features windage and elevation adjustments for precision targeting and designed to quickly attach/detach from standard size handgun/rifle with weaver style/picatinny rails.

The Barska 5mW Red Laser w/ 200 Lumens Tactical Light has three different target acquisition methods: flashlight, laser, and flashlight and laser together. Run time for flashlight-only is 2 hours, and run time of only using the laser is 7 hours.

Condition New
Brand Barska
Model Number AU12392
UPC 790272000715
Light Bulb Type LED 200 Lumen
Laser Color Red
Rail Type Picatinny Style, Weaver Style
Finish Black Matte
Output Power < 5mW
Wavelength 650(+-10)nm
Max Reach Capacity 500yds
Adjustment Type Windage / Elevation
Working Temperature 59 to 95 degrees fahrenheit
Length 2 in
Product Weight (lbs) 4.2 oz
Battery Type CR-123A
Battery Included 2
Included Accessories Momentary on/off long cable switch
Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty
Ratings and Reviews

Ratings and Reviews

  1. Great combination

    review by Jesse on 1/15/2017

    I have had this unit on my M1 carbine for 5 years. The light is very bright and the laser works reliably. I live in a remote area, the light and laser is great when predators come around at night. I plan to buy another one for my bushmaster. I would recommend this laser light combo to anyone wanting an effective reliable laser light combination

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    • Illuminated Cross Dot Reticle (R/G/B)
    • Adjustable Reticle Brightness
    • External Windage/Elevation Turrets
    • Protective Rubber Armor Coating
    • 100% Waterproof and Fogrpoof
    • 1/4 MOA Click Adjustments
    • Length: 6.5 inches
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    • Weight: 35.2 oz

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    • 1" Tube Mil-Dot Reticle
    • Multi-coated Optics
    • High Turrets
    • Adjustable Objective
    • Magnification Zoom Ring
    • Black Matte Finish
    • Waterproof, Fogproof and Shockproof

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