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SWAT-AR Rifle Scopes By Barska®

The SWAT-AR series of rifle scopes from Barska is an advanced line of high performance scopes that have been developed to meet the needs of today's tactical shooter. Accurate targeting can be achieved day and night with the assistance of an illuminated red and green MIL-DOT reticle that features adjustable brightness settings. A signature feature of the Barska SWAT-AR series is the angled sunshade, which reduces glare on the optical lens to increase clarity and viewing performance. Each rifle scope in the SWAT-AR series also includes a solid cantilever mount that helps place the back end of the scope just ahead of an AR-15's charging handle.

Close-Range SWAT-AR Rifle Scopes

The 1-4x28mm and 1-6x32mm SWAT-AR Rifle Scope by Barska has been specifically designed for accurate close to mid-range targeting with AR-style rifles. Both of these tactical scopes utilizes the highly popular Mil-Dot Reticle, which can be used to quickly estimate range and elevation adjustments. External windage / elevation turrets assist the user in quickly zeroing in these SWAT-AR scopes, and can then be locked into place to prevent any unintentional movement. The 1-4x28 and 1-6x32 SWAT-AR Rifle Scopes includes a cantilever ring mount, which makes the SWAT-AR ready for rail mounted use with any flat-top AR-style rifle.

Long-Range SWAT-AR Rifle Scopes

The 6-36x52 SWAT-AR Rifle Scope by Barska delivers high-powered performance at extreme distances shot after shot. The powerful 6-36x zoom magnification allows the user to easily engage targets at distances of 500 yards or greater, while the fully multicoated lens and parallax adjustment help maintain a clear visual on the target at these ranges. The robust design of the 6-36x52 SWAT-AR Rifle Scope allows it to handle the repeating recoil from larger caliber rifle models, including popular .308, .30-06, and .50 BMG rifles. The Illuminated Mil-Dot Reticle (IR) also features multiple brightness settings that can be easily adjusted by utilizing the buttons located near the ocular lens. External windage/elevation turrets assist the user in quickly zeroing in the SWAT-AR, and can then be locked into place to prevent any unintentional movement.