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Sticky Logo BARSKA Large Biometric Wall Safe Left Opening AX12880

BARSKA Large Biometric Wall Safe Left Opening AX12880


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BARSKA Large Biometric Wall Safe Left Opening AX12880
BARSKA Large Biometric Wall Safe Left Opening AX12880
BARSKA Large Biometric Wall Safe Left Opening AX12880 BARSKA Large Biometric Wall Safe Left Opening AX12880 BARSKA Large Biometric Wall Safe Left Opening AX12880 BARSKA Large Biometric Wall Safe Left Opening AX12880 BARSKA Large Biometric Wall Safe Left Opening AX12880 BARSKA Large Biometric Wall Safe Left Opening AX12880 BARSKA Large Biometric Wall Safe Left Opening AX12880 Large Biometric Wall Safe by Barska

BARSKA Large Biometric Wall Safe Left Opening AX12880
Model Number: AX12880

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The Large Biometric Wall Safe by Barska (Left Opening) is an all-new secure storage solution that is designed to house important items such as medical supplies or personal valuables. The Large Biometric Wall Safe can store up to 120 fingerprints in its biometric memory system, providing the option of allowing multiple users access to the safe. Inside the safe is an extra locked compartment for more sensitive items, and also features an LED Light and fold down tray for extra convenience.


  • Biometric Fingerprint Scanner
  • Interior Locking Compartment
  • Left Opening Door
  • Interior LED Light
  • Fold Out Tray
  • Removable Shelf
  • 2 Back-Up Keys
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Back-Up External Battery Pack
  • 2 Solid Steel Locking Bolts 

Keep your valuables safe with the all-new left openning Large Biometric Wall Safe by Barska. When the contents must be accessed, the state of the art locking mechanism is opened through the high-tech art of fingerprint recognition. The owner of the biometric safe can record up to 120 fingerprints that open the lock immediately after the safe is easily programmed. Some users may want to have one or more other people who can open the safe in case a need arises in their absence, which is especially important in a business environment. This wall-mounted safe is a great option for securing medicines and other valuables while allowing access to multiple registered users.

Only those who have recorded a fingerprint with the safe will be successful in opening it. Valuable contents are protected from thieves who are completely unable to access the interior of the safe. If the contents must be accessed quickly, the touch of a finger in the correct position against the locking mechanism will open the lock and provide immediate access. No more need for finding the right key or remembering a complex numeric combination codes. Most biometric safes include a key for traditional access in the event access to the fingerprint is not available, and the safe must be opened. The left openning Large Biometric Wall Safe also easily mounts within a wall using existing wall studs, and comes with the necessary mounting hardware.

Condition New
Model Number AX12880
UPC 790272003075
Lock Type Biometric
Lock Mechanism Manual
Access Method Front
Body Material Steel
Product Weight (lbs) 48 lbs
Battery Life 6 x AA Batteries
Exterior Dimensions (in) 31.5 in x 15.5 in x 4 in
Interior Dimensions (in) 30 in x 13.6 in x 3.5 in
Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty
Brand Barska
Thickness 1/16
Fingerprint Memory 120
Included Accessories 6 x AA Batteries, 2 Exterior Keys, 2 Interior Keys, Allen Wrench, Mounting Screws, Internal Floor Mats, Plastic Seperator
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  1. White Keypad Jewelry Safe 1.01 Cubic Ft By Barska

    Keep valuables secured with the Fireproof White Keypad Jewelry Safe by Barska. This attractive safe is constructed from solid steel and has been designed to provide fireproof protection to the valuables inside. A digital keypad retains one PIN code and allows authorized users to quickly access their belongings inside. The Barska Jewelry Safe also comes with 2 back-up keys that can be used to access the safe via the lock located behind the digital keypad.


    • Fireproof for up to 30 Minutes at 1,500 degrees
    • Retains 1 PIN Code
    • Three Solid Steel Locking Bolts
    • 2 Back-Up Keys
    • 2 Pre-Drilled Mounting Holes (On Back)
    • Includes Mounting Hardware
    • External Dimensions (W x D x H): 18in x 14in x 17.5in
    • Internal Dimensions (W x D x H): 14in x 10in x 12.5in
    • Weight: 115 lbs

     White Glove Shipping - $150.00 (This is only for ground floor service other than that please contacts us for service quotation)

    1. Two People Delivery Team / 1 Hour
    2. Removing the Support Bin for the Pallet Jack
    3. Lift Gate Service
    4. Floor Protection
    5. Unpacking of Safe
    6. Debris Removal and Disposal

    Price: $899.99 & FREE Shipping & FREE Shipping

    Was: $1,799.99

  2. Portable Silver Keypad Lockbox by Barska

    The Portable Silver Keypad Lock Box by Barska helps keep valuables such as passports, electronic gadgets, jewelry, cash, or sensitive documents safe and secure while traveling. This Portable Lock Box can be accessed quickly by entering a custom PIN code into the keypad. A solid lightweight aluminum design makes the Silver Keypad Lock Box strong enough to prevent tampering, yet remains light enough to be easily transported. The inside of this Lock Box features foam padding for protecting the items inside, and also comes with a removable steel tethering cable. This steel tethering cable is perfect for securing the Digital Keypad Lock Box to a fixed structure so that it cannot be removed from its location without proper access. Includes 2 backup keys and 4 AA batteries.


    • Protective Floor Mat
    • Egg Crate Foam Pad
    • Removable Steel Tethering Cable
    • Operates on 4-AA batteries (Included)
    • Dimensions (H x W x D): 10in x 10.75in x 3.1in
    • Inner Dimensions (H x W x D): 8in x 10in x 2.75in
    • Weight: 4.5 lbs
  3. 100 Key Cabinet Digital Wall Safe By Barska

    Keep keys organized and secured with the 100 Key Digital Wall Key Safe by Barska. This safe features 100 numbered hooks and colored key tags that can be labeled to make key identification quick and easy. The digital keypad of this Key Safe retains 1 PIN code (3-8 digits) and can also be accessed with the included barrel keys. Users who do not have access to the key safe can return keys using the key return drop slot located on the side of the safe. The Digital Wall Key Safe features solid steel construction and two solid-steel locking dead bolts for added security. The safe has four pre-drilled mounting holes and includes hardware for installation.


    • 100 Numbered Key Hooks
    • Retains 1 PIN Code
    • Key Return Drop Slot
    • Dual Locking Deadbolts
    • 100 Colored Key Tags
    • Traditional Key Lock with 2 Keys Includes
    • Mounting Hardware
    • Low Battery Alert
    • Operates on 4AA (Included)
    • Outer Size (WxDxH): 15.6in x 4.75in x 21.6in
  4. HQ100 Biometric Keypad Safe by Barska

    Protect valuables and belongings with the HQ100 Biometric Keypad Safe by Barska. The HQ100 Safe features an all-new module that provides both a biometric fingerprint scanner and a numeric digital keypad. Store up to 120 unique fingerprints and 1 PIN Code into the HQ100s memory bank. The HQ100's advanced BioSecure technology will only recognize the fingerprints that have been programmed into the safe, and the PIN Code acts as a backup incase the safe needs to be accessed by someone whose fingerprint has not been registered. The HQ100 by Barska is the perfect storage solution for small electronics, jewelry, medicines, important documents, and countless other valuables. The HQ100 comes complete with mounting hardware, a set of 2 back-up keys, protective floor mat, and 4 AA batteries.


    • Stores up to 120 Fingerprints
    • Retains 1 PIN Code
    • Biometric Keypad Module US Patent No: D789,173 S
    • Outer Dimensions (L x W x H): 14.5in x 11.75in x 7in
    • Inner Dimensions (L x W x H) : 14in x 8.5in x 6.75in
    • 2 Solid Steel Locking Bolts
    • Pre-Drilled Mounting Holes
    • Protective Floor Mat
    • Set of 2 Back-Up Keys
    • Includes Mounting Hardware and 4 AA Batteries
  5. Biometric Keypad Depository Safe by Barska

    The Standard Biometric Keypad Depository Safe by Barska is the perfect storage solution for businesses and individuals who need a secure place to temporarily store cash deposits or important documents. The deposit door can accommodate standard size deposit bags or folders, and features anti-fishing baffles to eliminate the possibility of the contents being retrieved by an unauthorized user. The Barska Biometric Standard Depository Safe utilizes either a biometric fingerprint scanner, digital keypad or traditional keys to gain access to the safe's contents.


    • Stores Up to 30 FIngerprints and 1 PIN Code
    • Anti-Fishing Baffles on Deposit Door
    • Two Solid-Steel Locking Bolts
    • Solid-Steel Body Construction
    • Pre-Drilled Mounting Holes
    • Operates on 4-AA Batteries (Included)
    • Lock-Out Mode to Prevent Tampering
    • Emergency Back-Up Keys and Mounting Hardware
    • Dimensions: 13.75in x 13.75in x 15.75in
    • Inner Dimensions: 13.5in x 11.5in x 8in
    • Weight: 41.75 lbs
  6. 1.45 Cubic Ft Large Keypad Safe by Barska

    The Large Keypad Safe by Barska features a spacious interior with two shelves for maximum storage capacity. This solid steel safe features a digital keypad that allows the user to quickly access the valuables inside using the correct PIN code. Three steel deadbolts help make this safe tamper resistant, and pre-drilled mounting holes with included mounting hardware further ensure the security of your valuables inside.


    • Digital Keypad Stores 2 PIN Codes
    • 3 Point Solid Steel Locking Bolts
    • Solid Steel Construction
    • 2 Removable Storage Shelves
    • Operates on 4-AA Batteries (Included)
    • Includes Protective Floor Mat
    • Set of Two Emergency Back-Up Keys and Mounting Hardware
    • Outer Dimensions (W x D x H): 13in x 13.75in x 19.75in
    • Inner Dimensions (W x D x H): 9.75in x 13.5in x 19in
    • Weight 45.35 lbs
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