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Picture of Large Biometric Wall Safe Left Opening (Beige) 1-4x28mm IR SWAT-AR Tactical Rifle Scope by Barska

Large Biometric Wall Safe Left Opening (Beige) by Barska

Price: $428.99


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Large Biometric Wall Safe Left Opening (Beige) by Barska

BARSKA Large Biometric Wall Safe Left Opening (Beige) AX12880
Model Number: AX12880

In stock

Price: $428.99

Was: $874.90
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The Large Biometric Wall Safe by Barska (Left Opening) is an all-new secure storage solution that is designed to house important items such as medical supplies or personal valuables. The Large Biometric Wall Safe can store up to 120 fingerprints in its biometric memory system, providing the option of allowing multiple users access to the safe. Inside the safe is an extra locked compartment for more sensitive items, and also features an LED Light and fold down tray for extra convenience.


  • Biometric Fingerprint Scanner
  • Interior Locking Compartment
  • Left Opening Door
  • Interior LED Light
  • Fold Out Tray
  • Removable Shelf
  • 2 Back-Up Keys
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Back-Up External Battery Pack
  • 2 Solid Steel Locking Bolts 
  • Desc
  • Spec

Keep your valuables safe with the all-new left openning Large Biometric Wall Safe by Barska. When the contents must be accessed, the state of the art locking mechanism is opened through the high-tech art of fingerprint recognition. The owner of the biometric safe can record up to 120 fingerprints that open the lock immediately after the safe is easily programmed. Some users may want to have one or more other people who can open the safe in case a need arises in their absence, which is especially important in a business environment. This wall-mounted safe is a great option for securing medicines and other valuables while allowing access to multiple registered users.

Only those who have recorded a fingerprint with the safe will be successful in opening it. Valuable contents are protected from thieves who are completely unable to access the interior of the safe. If the contents must be accessed quickly, the touch of a finger in the correct position against the locking mechanism will open the lock and provide immediate access. No more need for finding the right key or remembering a complex numeric combination codes. Most biometric safes include a key for traditional access in the event access to the fingerprint is not available, and the safe must be opened. The left openning Large Biometric Wall Safe also easily mounts within a wall using existing wall studs, and comes with the necessary mounting hardware.

Model Number AX12880
UPC 790272003075
Lock Type Biometric
Lock Mechanism Manual
Access Method Front
Body Material Steel
Product Weight 48 lbs
Battery Life 6 x AA Batteries
Exterior Dimensions (in) 31.5 in x 15.5 in x 4 in
Interior Dimensions (in) 30 in x 13.6 in x 3.5 in
Mountable No
Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty
Brand Barska
Thickness 1/16
Color Beige
Fingerprint Memory 120
Included Accessories 6 x AA Batteries, 2 Exterior Keys, 2 Interior Keys, Allen Wrench, Mounting Screws, Internal Floor Mats, Plastic Seperator
Secondary Access 2 Exterior Keys
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Large Biometric Wall Safe Left Opening (Beige)

Picture of Large Biometric Wall Safe Left Opening (Beige)