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    Featuring advanced BioSecure Technology, the easy-to-use Biometric Home Safe promises secure, compact storage for firearm aficionados, parents, grandparents, and hotels. Lock in your valuables and handguns behind solid steel walls and enjoy reliable, 2.5-second quick access for home defense and emergencies.


    • Tested and proven to be the #1 biometric module of its class
    • Biometric identification system scans in just 2.5 sec
    • Stores 120 fingerprints in a central database
    • Easy-to-use 1-button locking system
    • DOJ approved for firearm storage
    • Ultra-compact steel frame
    • 2 pry-proof steel deadbolts
    • Tamper-resistant inner edges
    • Hidden keyhole with backup keys
    • Automatic open door alarm
    • Programmable silent mode
    • Protective floor mat
    • A set of 4 AA batteries lasts up to 1 year
    • Complete mounting hardware & pre-drilled mounting holes
    • Compatible with the backup battery pack