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36 Position Locking Key Cabinet by Barska

When you first open your 36 Position Key Cabinet, locate the numbered label sheet and apply each numbered strip directly above each key hook row. Having the numbered labels will allow the user to quickly locate necessary keys and help keep the keys organized.

Next, you will have to set your personal combination for the key cabinet. Make sure that the numbered dials are all set to 0, and then locate the reset button on the inside of the cabinet next to the lock mechanism. Move the reset button to the B position, and then set your personal combination on the numbered dials. Once your personal combination is set, locate the reset button again and switch it back to the A position.

Your combination for the 36 Position Key Cabinet is now set. Before you mount your Key Cabinet, we recommend that you test the combination to ensure that it has registered correctly. To do this you must close the cabinet, set the dials to random numbers, and then turn the doorknob to make sure that the cabinet door does not open.

It is important to note that once the lock’s combination is set, only that combination will open the key cabinet. This is why we recommend keeping a record of the cabinet’s combination in a safe place.

Once the lock’s combination is set you can install the safe using the included mounting hardware. Two pre-drilled mounting holes are located on the back that allow you to quickly and easily mount your key cabinet to a solid surface.

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