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Picture of Binocular Harness by Barska 1-4x28mm IR SWAT-AR Tactical Rifle Scope by Barska

Binocular Harness by Barska by Barska

Price: $18.99

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Binocular Harness by Barska by Barska

BARSKA Binocular Harness by Barska AF13250
Model Number: AF13250

In stock

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The Barska Binocular Harness allows for convenient carrying of your binoculars while providing additional comfort by distributing the binocular weight to the shoulders rather than the neck. This setup is ideal for longer hikes and outings when long-term comfort is most important, and it also fully adjustable to fit most adult body sizes.


  • Binocular Release Clips
  • Fits Most Binoculars and Cameras
  • Easy to Attach and Fully Adjustable
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Whether you're on a long hiking adventure or at your favorite sporting event, the Barska Binocular Harness provides long-term viewing comfort. Rather than feeling the weight of the binoculars entirely on your neck, this binocular harness helps distribute the binocular weight evenly over your shoulders. If the binoculars need to be removed to share, two quick-release clips allow the user to quickly detach the binoculars without having to remove the harness.

Brand Barska
Model Number AF13250
UPC 790272004430
Product Weight 3.2 oz
Warranty 1 Year Limited

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Binocular Harness by Barska

Picture of Binocular Harness by Barska