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Admin RFID Door Lock Card Set By Barska


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Admin RFID Door Lock Card Set By Barska
Admin RFID Door Lock Card Set
Admin RFID Door Lock Card Set Admin RFID Door Lock Card Set

Admin RFID Door Lock Card Set By Barska
Model Number: AF12830

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The Admin RFID Card Set allows an administrative user to program and remove individual users from the RFID database of the Barska Biometric RFID Security Door Lock (EA12936, EA12754). This Admin RFID Card set includes one registration card, one program card, and one delete card.



  • 1 Registration Card
  • 1 Program Card
  • 1 Delete Card
  • Compatible with EA12936 and EA127454 Biometric RFID Door Locks
Use the Administrative RFID Card Set to program and remove users from the Barska Biometric RFID Door Lock Data Base.
Condition New
Model Number AF12830
UPC 790272002979
Lock Type RF ID
Body Material ABS
Exterior Dimensions (in) Individual Tag Size: 2in x 3/16in x 7/8in
Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty
Brand Barska
Included Accessories 50 Key Tags (Assorted Colors)
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