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Shooting Accessories Guide
      Shooting Accessories Guide
BARSKA’s array of shooting accessories includes an assortment of shooting and aiding accessories including mounting rings, riflescope mounts, boresighter kits, laser sights, bipods, muzzle brakes, and a range of parts and tools that are just as dependable as the BARSKA products they’re intended to pair.
  Commonly Used Phrases and Terms

BARSKA’s Laser Sighting Systems are powered by three LR-44 Lithium batteries (included) and produce a bright dot for extreme sighting accuracy. Some models are equipped with inserts that are shaped to fit virtually all trigger guards. All models are equipped with an On-Off button and laser sights are made of tough lightweight Aluminum.

Green Laser vs. Red Laser
Green is closer to the center of the visible spectrum, at 532 nanometers, so it’s easier for our eyes to perceive the color vs. a red laser at 635 nanometers. A green laser can appear as much as 50 times brighter than the red equivalent. 532nm is the ideal wavelength to maximize visibility during day or night, which makes green lasers much more visible than red lasers.

Boresighter fits snugly in the rifle barrel to eliminate any “play” that can result in an inaccurate boresighting adjustment and poor shooting accuracy

Caliber (Cal.) is a system of measurement for the internal bore diameter of a rifled-barreled firearm (rifle or pistol) based on the decimal part of an inch (.22 Cal) or in millimeters (9mm). American caliber designations refer to the distance from land to land, not groove to groove.

BARSKA’s muzzle brakes redirect propellant gases with the effect of countering both recoil of the gun and unwanted rising of the barrel during rapid fire resulting in increased accuracy.

BARSKA’s selection of high quality tactical parts and tools includes some of the most popular and essential types at extremely affordable prices. These products are made of high-strength Carbon Steel and are designed for years of use.

BARSKA scope rings are precision engineered and manufactured using T6 Aluminum and Aluminum alloy for durability and weight savings. Selecting rings with the correct height to use with your scope depends on several factors including barrel taper, action length, ring position on the scope and the outside objective diameter of the scope.

Describes how high the rings lift the riflescope off the rifle body.

Refers to the inner diameter of the of the ring.

The height of the entire ring, from top to bottom.

BARSKA bases are designed to provide you with solid performance in the field. T6 Aluminum construction results in durability and lighter weight while the rugged cross slot bolts secure the bracket to provide extreme rigidity. These bases permit the mounting of a variety of firearms.

Types Of Mounts

A term for a mounting rail system where grooves are .206” wide and have a consistent center-to-center width of .394”.

A term for a mounting rail system where grooves are .180” wide and most have a consistent center-to-center width of .180. Most Weaver-style accessories will fit the Picatinny system however Picatinny accessories will not fit the Weaver-style system.

Airgun dovetail is a parallel set of grooves running along the top of a receiver to which bases may be clamped. The width of the airgun dovetail is 11mm, but can range from 9.5mm to

To make consistently accurate shots critical last-second adjustments to the rifle’s position is usually always required along with a stable rest. With this in mind, we created our newest line of bipod models with features that allow you to easily set up and make these necessary adjustments. These bipods fit AR-15 and SKS rifles and also include a universal model that will fit an almost unlimited choice of rifle types.

Minimum Height
Refers to the length of the legs when they are it’s shortest.

Maximum Height
Refers to the length of legs when fully extended.