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Since 1994, BARSKA’s success and growth in the sport optics industry has been a direct result of our commitment “To Deliver Value, Quality and New Technology in Outdoor Products That Enhance the Consumer’s Lifestyle”. BARSKA offers a wide range of precision sport optics products ranging from binoculars, riflescopes, spotting scopes, microscopes, shooting accessories and telescopes. BARSKA is dedicated to delivering a superior quality product at an affordable price to customers all over the world. Whether you enjoy hunting, bird watching, outdoor observation, fishing, concerts, stargazing, or at a sporting events, BARSKA has the products that meet and exceed your needs.

Below are phrases and the meanings of terms that are commonly used in the optics industry, including a Riflescope Guide, Binocular Guide, Spotting Scope Guide, Telescope Guide, Microscope Guide and Shooting Accessories Guide.

  List Of Guides

Riflescope Guide
A riflescope is used to view far away targets and surrounding objects to seem closer, and also designates a bullet’s point of impact. A riflescope may provide a safer and more precise shooting in the field.

Binocular Guide
Binoculars are available in a wide range powers, sizes and features for different uses. Binocular equipped with two optical systems that are attached by a hinge sharing a common focus system. An image being viewed through a binocular can be projected at the same time through both eyes providing a realistic perception of depth.

Spotting Scope Guide
A spotting scope is an optical instrument that is used for spotting or viewing far away objects such as viewing nature, scenic landscapes and hunting. Spotting scopes are used when you need more magnification than a compact binocular can provide.

Telescope Guide
A telescope is an optical instrument that is used to observe far off objects in the sky. There are a variety of sizes and styles of telescopes. Deciding on a size and style of your telescope depends on the kind of observing you plan to do.

Microscope Guide
A microscope is an instrument for viewing items that are too small to be seen by the unaided or nude eye. The examining of small objects using such a device is called microscopy. The phrase microscopic means miniature or very small.

Shooting Accessories Guide
BARSKA’s array of shooting accessories includes an assortment of shooting and aiding accessories including mounting rings, riflescope mounts, boresighter kits, laser sights, bipods, muzzle brakes, and a range of parts and tools that are just as dependable as the BARSKA products they’re intended to pair.