Barska Optical & Digital Microscopes For Professionals and Students

Barska 8MP Digital Microscopes
Barska 8MP Digital Microscopes
Barska 8MP Digital Microscopes

Barska Microscopes are precision optical tools ideal for professional lab, student studies, and hobby use. Manufactured with extremely small optical tolerances these professional microscopes allow the user to study the smallest of details. The several professional lab microscopes available feature advanced optical technology such as zoom magnification, stereo binoculars dual eyepieces, illuminating LED lights and optical filters. The newly designed LCD digital microscopes are available in 2 new models; an 8 mega pixel and a 5 mega pixel model. These new digital microscopes work great as student microscopes because they allow the user to take digital photos and videos that can be inserted in to reports. Teachers can you make use of these school microscopes when teaching such topics as microbiology and chemistry. We also have a selection of high quality blank and prepared microscope slides made of precision optical glass.  If you need help selecting a microscope that’s right for you use call and talk with a microscope professional.

Barska Microscope Terminology

Here are some of the most common Barska microscope terminology features explained. This information will help you determine what each of the microscope features and specifications mean. Barska uses standard lab microscopes terminology in specifications to make choosing a professional microscope a quicker process.


Digital Microscopes

Barska’s digital microscopes are state-of-the-art integration of high quality microscope and a digital camera. Simply connect the microscope to the computer with the USB cord to magnify the object and view them on your PC screen and with option to save. Digital microscopes are great for educational purposes because several people can view the specimen at once, unlike a traditional microscope where one person can view at time.

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