Barska® Announces A New Line Of Cash Boxes, Key Cabinets And Lock Boxes

Barska® an industry leader in biometric safes, lunches a new line of cash boxes, multi key cabinets, diversion safes and lock boxes. These new security solutions are designed for the home and office. Barska, a leader in home & office security solutions has newly developed a line of utility lock boxes and safe boxes. This new line of security safes includes compact to large multi-key lock boxes that can secure and file 100’s of keys. A must have for the accounting office or home office is our extensive line of cash boxes and cash safe boxes. Barska® cash boxes are available in multiple models of different sizes and locking functions. Large safes like Barska’s biometric safes are great for securing your valuables, but using a cash box in combination allows the user to keep money and small valuables organized.

Introducing the new line of secure cash boxes by Barska for professionally securing money in the office of home. The new cash boxes are ideal for conducting transactions while providing safe and secure storage for your money and valuables. Barska has designed these cash boxes with solid steel construction for added protection. The removable cash and coin tray allows extra items to be stored and concealed underneath. These cashboxes are available with either key lock or combination lock. A verity of sizes are available with added features for professional use. These office cash boxes make a great addition to an accounting department to keep petty-cash locked up and organized. These secure money lock boxes make a great addition to a large safe. For added protection, secure cash and valuables in a large biometric safe, also available from Barska.

Barska’s new line of secure multiple key safes and key cabinets and designed for professionals that need to keep track of multiple keys. The new key safes are ideal for organizing keys while keeping them safe and secure. These utility key safes are available with either a key lock or combination lock. Barska key cabinets are compact enough to have at home or in the office, and are easy to install. These industrial key safes make a great addition to a warehouse or office building to keep important keys locked up and organized. All Barska key safes come with the necessary mounting hardware to securely mount the safes to solid surface. The new Barska key safes are available in a variety of sizes and features.

The new secure diversion safes by Barska are a hidden storage solution. The new diversion safes are ideal for safely storing small valuables such as handguns, money, passports and jewelry. Barska has designed these key safes with solid steel construction for added protection. These disguised key safes look so real they easily blend into the décor of a home or office, and can be stored in plain sight without attracting attention. The book safes use common book titles to cleverly disguise the safe within. The picture frame safe allows the user to add 5×7 pictures, making the safe blend in even more. The gift box safe features real ribbon and a gift-wrapped exterior, making it indistinguishable from other gifts. Different models feature either a key lock or a combination lock for added security.