BioSecure Biometric Keypad Safes By Barska

img-HQ100-ScannerHello, my name is Ryan and I’m here to introduce you to the all-new HQ series of Biometric Keypad Safes by Barska. I’ll take you through some of the main features of this series, show you what makes these safes the perfect choice for securing your valuables, and how to program them. There are four new models of safes in the new HQ Series, which includes the compact HQ100, the standard HQ200, and the larger HQ300 and 400 models.These innovative new safes feature three unique methods of accessibility, including a biometric fingerprint scanner, a numeric PIN code, and traditional key access.


HQ100 Biometric Keypad Safe by Barska - AX12476These safes feature Barska’s BioSecure Biometric Fingerprint scanning technology, which allows you to quickly store and access the contents inside with the quick scan of a registered fingerprint. This optical biometric module can store up to 30 fingerprints, allowing access for multiple users. To open the safe using the biometric scanner, simply press the 0 button, place your finger on the scanner, and the safe will open. In the event that a user needs to open the safe without a fingerprint, a PIN code can be inputted to provide access to the safe. Additionally, each safe in the HQ series comes with 2 manual barrel keys that can be used to open the safe by inserting them into the lock just above the biometric scanner. Two motorized solid steel locking bolts secure valuables within, and pre-drilled mounting holes allow the safe to be secured to a solid surface. Additionally, the safes are constructed using tempered steel that provides long lasting durability. The HQ Biometric Safes series also features a textured scratch-resistant coating for additional protection.

Fingerprint BiosecureProgramming the HQ series of Biometric safes is quick and easy. To program a fingerprint into the safe, press the red initialization button located on the inside of the safe’s door. Immediately place the finger you wish to register on the biometric scanner, and keep it there until the module beeps twice. You have successfully programmed a fingerprint into the safe’s database. To program a PIN Code into the safe, first enter the safe’s default PIN code listed in the manual and then press 3. Once the red and green lights flash, enter the new 4 to 11 digit PIN code into the safe, and then press the red initialization button on the inside of the safe’s door. One long beep will be heard to confirm a successful registration. Your safe is now programmed and ready for use.So if you’re looking for a versatile safe that offers both advanced security and multiple access methods, be sure to check out the all-new HQ Series of Biometric Keypad Safes from Barska. I hope you found this video informative, and thanks for watching.

Large Biometric Fingerprint Scanning Safe by Barska

Large Biometric Fingerprint Scanning Safe by Barska
Large Biometric Fingerprint Scanning Safe by Barska
Large Biometric Fingerprint Scanning Safe by Barska

New to the line of Barska quick access fingerprint scanning security products is the new large biometric safe. Deep, tall, wide and functional the new large biometric safe by Barska is a professional security storage solution. Function is not lost with size, like all Barska safes you can depend on the biometric technology to give you the ability to quickly and effortlessly access your weapons in the time of an emergency. With the new second generation biometric fingerprint technology you can store up to 120 different users. Biometric access to your safe in a must have for home and office security.

With 2.7 cubic feet of storage space you can now have the ability to store large valuable items such as expensive video cameras, laptops, jewelry, passports, documents, cash and more. For hunters / shooting sports enthusiasts you can now securely store thousands of rounds of ammunition and dozens of handguns. The large biometric safe by Barska features a new manual three point solid dead built locking system that can be quickly opened with one hand turn motion. Access to your valuables is as easy pushing the power button, scanning your fingerprint and a quick turn of the handle. This large steel safe’s interior features two adjustable shelves and a protective floor mat.

As a secondary access point the safe comes with two manual keys for backup. Factory pre-drilled anchor points allow you to permanently secure the safe to the floor or wall with the included mounting hardware. Energy efficient the safe can go up to 2 years on only four AA batteries (included) with normal use. A secondary rescue battery pack bypass is included which can externally supply emergency power to the safe.

Barska manufactures a large line of biometric safes.
To see the full line security storage products visit Barska Biometric Safes


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New Multi-Access Biometric Keypad Safes By Barska

Barska’s new line of multi-access biometric keypad safes bring storage security technology to the next level. The new multi-access safes add versatility to function by having two independent quick access methods and a back-up key. The Barska method of multi-access is a functioning solution to delegate access to valuables or weapons in any situation. Each access method functions independently to not compound frustration and to give you peace of mind that you will always be able to access your safe in time of an emergency.

Multi-Access Biometric Keypad Safes By Barska
Multi-Access Biometric Keypad Safes By Barska

Biometric fingerprint scanning technology by Barska allows up-to 32 users to have quick effortless access to the safes’ contents. Biometric locks are the ideal method of quick access to weapons in time of emergency for home security. In the situation that you’re awakened in the middle of the night to the sound of an intruder in your home, the last thing you want is to be searching for your safe keys in the dark or trying to remember a numeric safe combination. Direct, simple, fast and secure access to weapons via the biometric finger scanning lock is a must have for home security.

Three new models of multi-access safes by Barska feature a secondary numeric keypad method of access. The keypad access method is the answer to the question “How do I give access to my safe if im not around?” In the event that a family member needs access to a weapon for home defense or an employee needs to secure cash or access important documents, a numeric keypad function allows you to  grant access to your safe when you’re on the go. In the situation that years have passed and the batteries need to be replaced and you have forgotten the numeric key code a third back-up key is included with all Barska safes.

Learn more about barska biometric keypad safes

Barska Biometric Keypad Safe Manual

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Barska Optics Launches New Line Of Quick Access Biometric Safes

BARSKA, the world leader in tactical scopes, binoculars, and home safety technology, has further improved its product offerings with the introduction of a new line of biometric safes designed for the purpose of quick access, safety, and security at your fingertips.

Barska Quick Access Biometric Safes, are designed for two purposes. One is for firearms and ammunition storage. The biometric gun safe allows secure storage of handguns and ammunition with the ability to quickly access them in time of emergency.  The second purpose is to have a quick access safe for high tech electronics, jewelry and general valuables.

The first safe in this lineup is the Biometric Safe with Fingerprint Lock (AX11224), which utilizes advanced bio-technology that recognizes only the prints you decide, and shuts out all others. The next in the line is the Top Opening Biometric Drawer Safe (AX11556), which features a dual hydraulic hinge that allows for quick and secure access to your valuables. The reinforced motorized dead bolt safe door can be effortlessly opened with one finger. Finally, this summer will see the launch of the brand new Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe (AX11652), which allows you to keep rifles, guns & ammunition stored securely and quickly accessible with a scan of your fingerprint. Store Up to 4 rifles securely with removable storage shelf for guns and ammunition. The AX11652’s easy to use system allows you to register fingerprints in seconds.

BARSKA, with corporate offices, warehouse and distribution in La Verne, CA (Southern California), is a worldwide sport optics company with strong brand recognition in the optics industry. BARSKA offers an extensive line of precision sport optics products ranging from binoculars, riflescopes and spotting scopes to telescopes and laser sights. BARSKA is committed to delivering a superior quality product at an affordable price to our customers around the world. For more information, please call BARSKA at 1-909-445-8168, or visit them online at

Top Opening Biometric Drawer Safe by Barska

Barska Biometric Drawer SafeThe new quick access biometric top opening drawer safe by Barska® features a new dual hydraulic pressurized hinge system. Barska biometric safes are well known for their quick access fingerprint scanning optical technology. This new dual hydraulic hinge allows for quick secure access to your valuables. The reinforced motorized dead bolt safe door can be effortlessly opened with one finger. The dual pressurized hydraulics insure that the solid safe door wont slam shut on your fingers. This standard size drawer safe is a perfect fit for your dresser drawer at home and in your office desk at work. Not limited to being stored away in a drawer the Barska top access safe can be mounted to any flat surface.
Need to give access to multiple users? The Barska quick access biometric drawer safe can store up to 30 different fingerprints. In an office environment you may need to have a few top level managers have access to important documents, petty cash and incase of emergency a handgun for protection. At home keeping your valuables in a secure space is a must, but in a home with young children keeping firearms in a safe place is the law. You can grant access to only the adults in your family to ensure your children dont access your firearms. Careless access to your firearms can have dangerous consequences, be a reasonable handgun owner with Barska’s new top access safe.
When it comes to home defense quick access to your firearms will keep you well protected but many handgun owners dont keep a gun at their side when at home and many break-ins happen at night. When awakened by an intruder in the middle of the night the last thing you want to do is look around for your safe keys in the dark or remember a complex combination. With the Barska biometric safe you can go directly to your firearms and have access to them in three seconds with the simple scan of your finger.

Programing the Barska Biometric Safe to Store a Fingerprint
All new Barska Biometric Safes will be in demo mode when you first put in the 4 AA batteries (included). This means that any action of scanning a finger will open the safe. You will need to program your fingerprint into the system to lock the safe.
Quick Start Guide: Make sure you have installed batteries into the safe.

  1. Push and release the programing button on the inside of the safe, you will hear one beep.
  2. Then place and hold your finger on the optical sensor to be scanned
  3. Hold your finger on the optical sensor until you hear two more beeps which signal that your fingerprint has been stored successfully. Fingerprint programming is now complete.
  4. To add more fingerprints simply repeat steps 1 – 3.

Helpful Note:
You may want to scan multiple fingers into the safe system incase you forget which finger you have stored. Also over time your fingerprints may get damaged do to cuts or burns. If you have had an injury to your finger you may want to rescan your fingerprint after it has fully healed.

Back-Up / Secondary Access
The Barska biometric safe comes with two back up keys . The back up keys can be used only by removing the barska logo plate with an allen wrench.

Battery Life & Power Usage
The Barska biometric drawer safe uses very little power and can last up to two years on 4 AA batteries which are included.

For More information Visit Barska Biometric Drawer Safe

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Biometric Rifle Safe By Barska®

Biometric Rifle Safe by BARSKA
Biometric Rifle Safe by BARSKA

The all new Biometric rifle safe by Barska® is the ultimate secure quick access rifle storage system. The advanced biometric fingerprint recognition technology allows for fast secure access to your firearms with the simple scan of a fingerprint. Push the power button and hold your finger on the laser optics sensor to quickly open the safe in three seconds. The biometric safes scanning technology is the solution to securely storing your rifles and having instant access to them incase of an emergency. No longer will you need to search for your keys or have to remember complex numerical key combinations. The new biometric rifle safe by Barska® is the safe of the future today.

Securely store up-to four long rifles and with the removable storage shelve you can also store ammunition, and hand guns. A removable four section rifle safe barrel holder will keep your rifles lined up and ready for action. Weighing in at 66 lbs the Barska rifle safe will detour any would-be thief  from taking off with your valuables. For added security the biometric rifle safe is manufactured with six mounting points at the back of the safes and includes mounting hardware. Out of the box you will be able to securely attach the Barska rifle safe to a wall,  the floor or solid flat surface.

The three point dead-bolt locking system and solid steel construction guarantee peace of  mind that no unauthorized users will access your valuables. The Barska biometric finger scanning optical sensor is extremely energy efficient lasting up to two years on only 4 AA batteries (included). With more then 2.5 cubic feet of storage space you will be able to store much more than rifles. Keep your firearms secure and quickly accessible with Barska’s biometric rifle safe.

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