Barska Introduces The New 7×30 Deep Sea Marine Binoculars

Barska optics has newly designed a compact porro prism binocular. The Barska 7x30mm Deep Sea Binoculars feature a new compact porro prism design for marine use. These marine binoculars have an internal range finding reticle and directional compass. This compact marine binocular design is 100% waterproof, fogproof and shockproof.

New to the Barska series of Deep Sea marine binoculars are the 7×30 waterproof compact binoculars with range finding reticle and directional compass. This binocular features a new compact porro prism design. Standard porro prism binoculars feature large offset prisms that allow for a high quality viewing but are often large and bulky. This new compact design offers the same high quality viewing but in a light weight compact design. The internal range finding reticle allows the user to quickly estimate the distance of an object using the internal graph and estimated size of the distant object. The directional compass in the left ocular is convenient for navigation. Built to military specification the Barska 7×30 Deep Sea binoculars will give you a lifetime quality observation at sea.

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New Connoisseur Opera Glasses By Barska Enhance The Theater Experiance

Barska Opera Glasses
Barska Opera Glasses
Barska Opera Glasses

Barska’s opera glasses are built with the highest quality optics and top notch construction to provide years of reliable functionality. The Blueline Connisseurs combine style and comfort to deliver the ultimate enjoyment of your favorite events. Making an investment in these elegant show pieces will provide one with years of pleasure and satisfaction.


Theater or opera glasses are petite, decorative binoculars used to obtain a closer view of an actor’s facial expressions, a costume’s intricate detail, or the set’s lavish decorations. Opera glasses should be compact in design and lightweight so they are easy to carry and convenient to hold for long periods of time. The perfect power is extremely essential when choosing a pair of opera glasses. A magnification of 3x is considered ideal as it is strong enough to let you view the elaborate details, without losing field of view. The lenses used in a good quality pair of these compact binoculars should be coated to reduce reflections, allowing the user to enjoy a clear, bright view.


Under its “Blueline Conoisseur” line, the leading sport optics manufacturer Barska offers 4 models of beautifully designed and well constructed opera theater glasses that are a must have for any theatre aficionado. Crafted from highly polished brass and color accents that enhance their elegance, the quality coated optics in these opera glasses offer lucid, sharp images. Weighing just under a pound, each model is very easy to carry. An elegant leatherette pouch in included with each pair of opera glasses to help store these stylish and ergonomic binoculars safely while not in use.


Barska opera glasses are expediently built with both design and functionality in mind. Powered with a 3x magnification and 25mm lenses, they allow the user to enjoy the show without having to worry about making too many adjustments. Each model has unique features catering to specific needs of the user. Ideal for concerts or the opera, Model AB10190 features a beautiful mahogany pair of opera glasses with polished brass trimmings and a gold-trim necklace. Model AB10286 is a deep red, small roof prism binocular which is crafted with a reading light. The built-in red reading light is very useful in low-light situations, allowing users to search for a seat number or to illuminate some reading materials without disturbing a neighbor. Model AB11280 is a classy pair with a pearl white accent and gold trimmings. It is styled with a gold-trim necklace and crafted with a red reading light for optimum performance. Model AB11282 is a unique lorgnette with a silver brushed metal accent. It is designed with a handle which doubles in length for custom viewing.

Point N’ View Binoculars with Built In Digital Camera by Barska

Barska Point N View Binocular Digital Camera
Barska Point N View Binocular Digital Camera
Barska Point N View Binocular and 8MP Digital Camera

The newly designed Point N’ View binoculars feature a state-of-the-art integration of a powerful 8x32mm binocular and 8.0 mega pixel digital camera. This futuristic integration is ideal for those wanting to save an image or video of what’s being observed at a distance. Barska optics, a world leading manufacturer of sport optics has newly designed a binocular with an intergraded digital camera called the Point N’ View binocular. This futuristic integration allows the enhancement of one’s view and to capture that moment in time. Capable of capturing images and video the Point N’ View binocular cameras are the ideal binoculars for sporting events, bird watching, hiking, camping, and a great tech gadget for surveillance professionals.


Barska’s new Point N’ View 8x32mm Binoculars with 8.0 mega pixel digital camera are capable of capturing high quality images and video clips. Pictures and video can be played back on the flip-up 1.5” LCD color display. Model AH11410 features 8x fixed optical magnification with an up-to 4x digital zoom to achieve a maximum overall magnification of 32X. The 8x32mm roof prism optical design allows for comfortable magnified observation for long periods of time without strain on one’s eyes. The binoculars multi-coated lenses enhance the image quality when viewing distant objects for a more vivid and sharp 3-D image.


The powerful 8x32mm roof prism binoculars allow one to view objects at a distance 8x’s closer then can be viewed with the naked eye. With a minimum close focus distance of five meters one can focus until infinity. The intergraded digital camera features a CMOS image sensor for optimized 8 mega pixel images (3264 x 2448 maximum image size). With a quick change of setting one can take AVI standard format video of maximum 640×480 size, time limit of video depends on SD storage card. All images and video are stored on a removable SD card (not included) up-to 16-gig capacity compatible. This binocular camera is USB adaptable to connect to a PC or Mac as a USB mass storage device to access media files.


Barska has also developed a smaller compact model of Point N’ View digital binocular with an intergraded camera (Model AB10184). The 8x22mm VGA features a simple point and shot design. The 8x22mm compact binoculars capture VGA (640×480) digital images and AVI format video clips. With an internal mass storage device one can store up-to 16 megabits of data, which can be accessed via USB connection to a PC. Accessories include USB cable, photo manipulation software and carrying case.


Making a great stocking stuffer for the holiday season, Barska also offers a compact Point N’ View 10x 25 binocular camera (Model AH11358). With a focus free design which provides an instant view, this innovative gadget is very simple to use.  The binoculars fully coated optics allow the user to view and magnify the image up to 10 times, and capture the sight with its camera function. Included accessories are a USB cable, carrying case, neck strap and windows vista install driver CD.


Barska optics, with corporate headquarters, warehouse and distribution in La Verne, CA (Southern California), is a worldwide leading sport optics company with strong brand recognition in the sport optics industry. Barska optics offers an extensive line of precision sport optics products ranging from binoculars, hunting scopes and spotting scopes to telescopes. Barska is committed to delivering a superior quality product at an affordable price to our customers around the world.

Astronomy Zoom Binoculars By Barska Bring You Closer To The Stars

Astronomy Zoom Binoculars By Barska
Astronomy Zoom Binoculars By Barska
Astronomy Zoom Binoculars By Barska

Barska is a  leading manufacturer of binoculars, telescopes, spy scopes, and sport optics products has improved its selection of large astronomy binoculars with the introduction of a new line of zoom binoculars designed for long distance, high magnification viewing of astronomical and celestial objects.

Many great advantages come with using a pair of astronomy binoculars as apposed to a traditional telescope such as comfort and ease of use. Further more, using a telescope with a single light path for astronomy results in a flat image with no depth of field whereas a high powered zoom binocular provides a stereo 3-D view of an object which provides the user a much more in-depth and profound view. Typically normal binoculars don’t have as high of magnification or “power” that a telescope may have, resulting in a distant view of an object in the night sky. Barska’s new high power zoom gladiator binoculars allow the user to increase the magnification of an image from a stand distant view to a close-up detailed view effortlessly.

The use of Barska’s gladiator large zoom binoculars for astronomy allow for much more than high power magnification viewing. The zoom function makes it very simple to target an object that one wants to view with a turn of a zoom lever. All astronomers know, finding an object in the night sky is a time consuming job even if one knows when and where to look. Barska astronomy binoculars can be used at low power to view a large section of the sky. The zoom can be adjusted and increased very efficiently with the simple turn of a zoom lever which makes the job of targeting an object in the night sky a real cinch.

The new Gladiator zoom binoculars by Barska are designed for beginners to professionals. The highest power Gladiator zoom binoculars being the large 20-140x80mm (Model AB11184) feature a built-in tripod mounting post for astronomy viewing. At a maximum magnification of 140x this is the highest zoom power binocular Barska has ever designed for astronomy. The 3-D depth of field image delivered by the gladiator binoculars is extremely detailed. The multi-coated prisms combined with large objective lenses allow maximum light transmission for brighter images. Next in line is the mid-size 15-125×80 power (Model AB10594) binocular which will provide the user an exceptional peek at the glorious universe. Smaller powers of mid size 20-100×70 (Model AB10592), 12-60×70 (Model AB10172), and 12-36×70 (Model AB10170) are also available. The Barska Gladiator series will allow both amateur and experience astronomers to enjoy stereoscopic amazing views of the marvelous night sky.

Barska, with corporate offices, warehouse and distribution in La Verne, CA (Southern California), is a worldwide binoculars and  sport optics company with strong brand recognition in the optics industry. Barska offers an extensive line of precision binoculars and sport optics. Barska is committed to delivering a superior quality product at an affordable price to our customers around the world. For more information, please call Barska at 1-909-445-8168, or visit them online at Barska Binoculars