How To Use A Rifle Scope Bore Sighter Kit by Barska

Barska Bore Sighter Kit
Barska Bore Sighter Kit

Bore Sighting your riflescope with your rifle will allow you to quickly and more accurately “zero in” or “sight in” your riflescope to the correct shooting distance. You will always need to shoot a test group of shots after you bore sight your riflescope to your rifle. Bore sighting your riflescope will reduce wasting ammunition when targeting in your rifle during test shooting.

Example Problem: You have a newly mounted zoom power riflescope on a rifle and aim at a target 100 yards away. You aim for the center of the target with the scope and fire for the first time, but you see no impact on the target in the view of the scope. If you where not able to see were the bullet actually landed then you would need to guess how you need to adjust the scopes windage and elevation on the next shot. You would need to continue shooting multiple test shots and adjusting the scope until the actual impact of the bullet comes into view of the scope. This will waste time and ammunition.

Why Does this Happen? A newly mounted riflescope’s actual zero point on a rifle is unknown due to many variables; type of scope base, height of mounting rings, type of rifle, type of ammunition, etc.

Solution: The Barska® Bore Sighter Kit will allow you to sight your riflescope with your rifle so that when test firing you will only have to make very fine adjustments and waste very little ammunition.

Firearm Safety Warning: Secure your rifle to a suitable support that will allow you to safely work on the rifle. Always make sure your rifle is unloaded and the chamber is clear. Make sure the rifles safety is on. The bore sighting procedure requires no shooting or bullets. Always handle a firearm as if it where loaded. When bore sighting your rifle always have the rifle pointed in a safe direction.

Note: To ensure the best performance make sure your riflescope is mounted correctly using scope rings and a rifle base designed for your scope and rifle.

1. Attach The bore sighter To Firearm Muzzle Select the appropriate bore arbor from the kit by selecting caliber indicated next to each arbor and insert the end of the arbor with brass hinge into the bore sighter. Hand tighten the locking screw to attach firmly the bore sighter (Fig. 1 and 2) Insert the other end of the stud into the muzzle (Fig. 3).
2. Align The Bore Sighter To The Scope When the bore sighter is in position look thru the riflescope to see bore sighter reticle. Rotate the bore sighter until the gird lines match vertically and horizontally with the reticle vectors.

3. Pre-Zeroing In You Scope Reticle
Remove the windage and elevation caps (if necessary) adjust the windage and elevation turrets until the crosshairs line up with the center of the bore sighter’s Grid. Each division on the gird is equal to 4 M.O.A. or inches at 100 yards. Pre-zeroing and bore sighting the scope is now complete. Remove the bore sighter and bore stud from the barrel and secure it in the supplied case. 4. Test Shooing Your Rifle After Bore Sighting At A Range Take your rifle to a shooting range and place a target at 100yards. Suggested that you fire a group of 3 shots. Then make small fine adjustments to your riflescopes windage and elevation until the scope is perfectly zeroed in.

Warning: Eye and ear protection is strongly recommended. Safe gun handling procedures must be used at all times.

The Barska Bore sighter kit is designed to save you time and money by allowing you to pre-zero the scope. Final steps in zeroing should be done at the range. This kit covers the most popular calibers in the market so you can use it to zero different rifles and firearms. Its sturdy construction is built to last.

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