BioSecure Biometric Keypad Safes By Barska

img-HQ100-ScannerHello, my name is Ryan and I’m here to introduce you to the all-new HQ series of Biometric Keypad Safes by Barska. I’ll take you through some of the main features of this series, show you what makes these safes the perfect choice for securing your valuables, and how to program them. There are four new models of safes in the new HQ Series, which includes the compact HQ100, the standard HQ200, and the larger HQ300 and 400 models.These innovative new safes feature three unique methods of accessibility, including a biometric fingerprint scanner, a numeric PIN code, and traditional key access.


HQ100 Biometric Keypad Safe by Barska - AX12476These safes feature Barska’s BioSecure Biometric Fingerprint scanning technology, which allows you to quickly store and access the contents inside with the quick scan of a registered fingerprint. This optical biometric module can store up to 30 fingerprints, allowing access for multiple users. To open the safe using the biometric scanner, simply press the 0 button, place your finger on the scanner, and the safe will open. In the event that a user needs to open the safe without a fingerprint, a PIN code can be inputted to provide access to the safe. Additionally, each safe in the HQ series comes with 2 manual barrel keys that can be used to open the safe by inserting them into the lock just above the biometric scanner. Two motorized solid steel locking bolts secure valuables within, and pre-drilled mounting holes allow the safe to be secured to a solid surface. Additionally, the safes are constructed using tempered steel that provides long lasting durability. The HQ Biometric Safes series also features a textured scratch-resistant coating for additional protection.

Fingerprint BiosecureProgramming the HQ series of Biometric safes is quick and easy. To program a fingerprint into the safe, press the red initialization button located on the inside of the safe’s door. Immediately place the finger you wish to register on the biometric scanner, and keep it there until the module beeps twice. You have successfully programmed a fingerprint into the safe’s database. To program a PIN Code into the safe, first enter the safe’s default PIN code listed in the manual and then press 3. Once the red and green lights flash, enter the new 4 to 11 digit PIN code into the safe, and then press the red initialization button on the inside of the safe’s door. One long beep will be heard to confirm a successful registration. Your safe is now programmed and ready for use.So if you’re looking for a versatile safe that offers both advanced security and multiple access methods, be sure to check out the all-new HQ Series of Biometric Keypad Safes from Barska. I hope you found this video informative, and thanks for watching.

Barska Quick Access Biometric Gun Safes

Biometric Safes By Barska
Biometric Safes By Barska
Biometric Safes By Barska

Barska biometric gun safes are the ultimate in quick access security solutions for the home and office. Secure and access your valuables in seconds with the simple scan of a fingerprint. With Barska biometric gun safes you will no longer have to waste time looking for your keys of entering a combination, all you need to access your safe is your fingerprint. Barska biometric fingerprint scanners are the highest resolution and most advanced in the safe industry. Popular models such as the standard size biometric safe model: AX11224 feature silent access modes, 30 fingerprint user memory, motorized dead bolts and is approved by the California DOJ as a firearm storage device. The new model: AX11652 quick access biometric rifle safe by Barska can store up to 4 long rifles with extra room for guns and ammo. In addition to the biometric rifle safes, Barska has other safes of varying dimensions and features such as the biometric drawer safe. The biometric drawer safe fits in most standard dresser and office desk drawers.

Barska also manufactures a wide selection of non-biometric safes such as multi key storage safes, compact combination safes, hidden book safes and digital keypad safes. The Book Safes by Barska come in two models the, a dictionary safe and a real hardback paper book safe. The new key safes by Barska allow you to store multiple keys in a locked steel safe. Barska biometric gun safes are back by a one year product warranty.

Buying Guide On How To Choose Biometric Gun Safes

Selecting the correct safe for your storage use is essential; we carry a large selection of safes for different purposes. This information will explain some of the differences in Barska biometric safe so that you will be able to select the correct safe for you storage needs. Here are some of the main points you should review before choosing a safe.

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Top Opening Biometric Drawer Safe by Barska

Barska Biometric Drawer SafeThe new quick access biometric top opening drawer safe by Barska® features a new dual hydraulic pressurized hinge system. Barska biometric safes are well known for their quick access fingerprint scanning optical technology. This new dual hydraulic hinge allows for quick secure access to your valuables. The reinforced motorized dead bolt safe door can be effortlessly opened with one finger. The dual pressurized hydraulics insure that the solid safe door wont slam shut on your fingers. This standard size drawer safe is a perfect fit for your dresser drawer at home and in your office desk at work. Not limited to being stored away in a drawer the Barska top access safe can be mounted to any flat surface.
Need to give access to multiple users? The Barska quick access biometric drawer safe can store up to 30 different fingerprints. In an office environment you may need to have a few top level managers have access to important documents, petty cash and incase of emergency a handgun for protection. At home keeping your valuables in a secure space is a must, but in a home with young children keeping firearms in a safe place is the law. You can grant access to only the adults in your family to ensure your children dont access your firearms. Careless access to your firearms can have dangerous consequences, be a reasonable handgun owner with Barska’s new top access safe.
When it comes to home defense quick access to your firearms will keep you well protected but many handgun owners dont keep a gun at their side when at home and many break-ins happen at night. When awakened by an intruder in the middle of the night the last thing you want to do is look around for your safe keys in the dark or remember a complex combination. With the Barska biometric safe you can go directly to your firearms and have access to them in three seconds with the simple scan of your finger.

Programing the Barska Biometric Safe to Store a Fingerprint
All new Barska Biometric Safes will be in demo mode when you first put in the 4 AA batteries (included). This means that any action of scanning a finger will open the safe. You will need to program your fingerprint into the system to lock the safe.
Quick Start Guide: Make sure you have installed batteries into the safe.

  1. Push and release the programing button on the inside of the safe, you will hear one beep.
  2. Then place and hold your finger on the optical sensor to be scanned
  3. Hold your finger on the optical sensor until you hear two more beeps which signal that your fingerprint has been stored successfully. Fingerprint programming is now complete.
  4. To add more fingerprints simply repeat steps 1 – 3.

Helpful Note:
You may want to scan multiple fingers into the safe system incase you forget which finger you have stored. Also over time your fingerprints may get damaged do to cuts or burns. If you have had an injury to your finger you may want to rescan your fingerprint after it has fully healed.

Back-Up / Secondary Access
The Barska biometric safe comes with two back up keys . The back up keys can be used only by removing the barska logo plate with an allen wrench.

Battery Life & Power Usage
The Barska biometric drawer safe uses very little power and can last up to two years on 4 AA batteries which are included.

For More information Visit Barska Biometric Drawer Safe

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