1200 Lumen High Power Tactical Flashlight

1200 Lumen High Power FLX Tactical Flashlight By Barska

1200 Lumen High Power Tactical Flashlight
1200 Lumen High Power Tactical Flashlight

The New 1200 Lumen FLX Flashlight by Barska emits an intense bright white beam of light that can be seen for miles. This powerful light comes with rechargeable batteries and battery charger. This 12watt output light can last for hours on a single battery charge. Designed for military and law enforcement this flashlight is designed to be shockproof to with stand use as a tactical defense tool. Functional as a weapon of safety tool this light features a strobing light mode to momentarily blind an attacker and a mode that emits a SOS rescue pattern.


Barska Tactical Flashlights are also available in compact and standard sizes. In addition to high power flashlight Barska also offers a new zoom tactical light that allows you to focus a beam of light for targeting or long distance viewing

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Tactical Flashlight Features:

  • LED Flashlight Lumens: 1200 Lumen
  • Lamp Type: HD 5 LED
  • Battery Life Continuous Use: 2 Hours
  • Battery: 2, 18650
  • Length (Inch): 8.5
  • Weight (oz.): 14.4 oz
  • SOS rescue pattern.
  • Strobing Light mode

BA11630 – 1200 Lumen High Power Tactical Flashlight

Warranty: 1 Year Limited

Includes charger and Two 18650 rechargeable batteries

Tactical accents, pressure sensitive push on off button and beveled edge for added protection Battery life: 800 cycles Operation Lifetime 100,000 Hours Water Resistant and fogproof