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Barska® Designator Rifle Scopes
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Designator Rifle Scope By Barska®

Barska's Designator riflescope features an integrated 5mW red laser sight built-in to the objective lens for double the targeting power. Utilizing compact, high impact rated laser diode technology we are able to integrate a 2.5-10x44mm riflescope with a 5mw red laser. The 5mw red laser is mounted vertically to the top inside of the riflescopes objective lens with windage and elevation adjustments accessible externally above the objective lens. The integration of riflescope with a laser sight allows for three different target acquisition methods: the first method of targeting is quick acquisition by designating your target with the red laser, the second method is to use the riflescopes reticle to zero in on the target and the third method is to use a combination of the riflescope reticle with the laser. The riflescope features the “Designator reticle”. The riflescope features a 30mm main tube for maximum light gathering and a wide magnification range of 2.5x - 10x. The designator scope will keep you on target.