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Trail Cameras By BarskaŽ

The newly designed trail cameras by Barska feature state of the art Infrared LED technology. Scouting a hunting trail for game has never been easier with the new Barska trail camera. Available in an 8 mega pixel with 40 infrared LED lights and a 6 mega pixel with 28 infrared LED lights. Leave nothing to chance, use a Barska trail camera to plan your next hunting trip.

Barska?s new trail cameras are designed to be a hunters vigilant eyes in the woods day and night. With the new Barska trail cameras, hunters will be able to capture images and video of wildlife that passes by prospective game trails. These trail cams work by using an advanced programmable motion detection sensor that triggers the wide-angle camera to capture photos or video. Immediately view captured images and video in the field with the built-in LCD display that is securely enclosed within the unit. Built to withstand the elements from desert heat to arctic cold, the Barska trail cameras are a must have tool for the avid hunter.

Fully featured the 8 MP trail cam model# BG11751 has 40 infrared LEDs for optimal day and night photography. This model has a 2 inch LCD color display within the unit for viewing images, video and to adjust camera settings. The 6 MP trail camera model# BG11753 features 28 infrared LED lights for optimal day and night photography. This compact 6MP model has a 1.5 inch LCD color display within the unit for viewing images and for adjusting the camera setting.

The newly designed Barska game trail cameras for hunters have a wide flash range with a rapid response time meaning that you wont miss an opportunity for an image of a future trophy. All settings, including hunting camera resolution and PIR sensitivity are adjustable for a hunter?s specific surveillance needs. Download images and video files to a computer through the included USB cable to save and share with others. All images are stamped with date and time code so hunters can spot game trends or patterns on a selected trails.