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Monoculars By Barska®

A monocular is a modified refracting optical device used to magnify the images of distant objects by passing light through a series of lenses and prisms; the use of prisms results in a lightweight construction. Volume and weight are less than half those of binoculars, making the monocular easy to carry. Can be used for golfing, hunting, and recreational. Some models have reticles for nautical and golf use. Smaller monoculars are made that fit inside a regular pocket and they are frequently referred to as "spy scopes". Barska monocular reviews Buy Barska monocular at

It might be considered a little more old-fashioned than the typical pair of binoculars, but the vast line of monocular sold by Barska is actually just as high-tech as anything the company sells for both eyes. These monoculars have long been used both within the hunting hobbyist community and in more traditional hobbies like sailing, playing golf, and even viewing the stars on a clear night. In fact, the monocular is often considered by most amateur astronomers to simply be a lightweight and efficient handheld telescope than perform virtually all of the same functions.

Plenty of Product Offerings for Monocular Customers at Barska

Insofar as monoculars are used to do more than just hunt game and zero in on an accurate shot, Barska has made sure to diversify its line of products to include both "athletic" monoculars for use in the field and more aesthetically-minded products which are perfect for stargazing. The company has always had a small number of optical products available to stargazers, and it's often given them a look which harkens right back to the renaissance era of discovery and documentation of the night sky. The main difference, of course, is that Barska's products are exponentially more powerful, accurate, and clear to view, than anything the early nighttime explorers employed when viewing the stars and galaxies beyond earth's reach.

For those who plan to use their monoculars in a more athletic capacity, Barska offers highly durable products which are extremely weather resistant; these sportier versions of the popular monocular product are designed to withstand the fast-paced stresses of hunting game and keeping an eye on the ocean, especially for those who use them in sailing and boating capacities. Furthermore, many of the company's monoculars are specifically designed to block and disperse light in an effort to improve the game of golf. The next professional golfer may very well be a Barska customer, given just how accurate and highly visible the company's monoculars are in practice.