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Metal Detectors By Barska®

Barska has developed a new line of Winbest® Pro, Master and Elite Edition metal detectors. These new metal detectors where developed for the active outdoors enthusiast to enhance the possibilities of outdoor activities. Barska metal detector technology has improved to a point that anyone can become a professional treasure hunter with one of the three models Barska offers. A trip to the beach should never be with out Barska® Winbest® metal detectors. People would never know of the possible treasures that lay hidden right under their feet. Don?t miss out on finding treasure with the Winbest® metal detectors by Barska®! The new Winbest® Pro Edition metal detector model (BE11638) was developed as an entry-level model for new treasure hunters.

The Pro Edition Features two metal detector operation search modes, the first mode allows the user to search for different types of metals with an auto ground balance and high sensitivity. The second mode allows the user to search by discriminating what kind of metal is being detected. The ability to weed out metals that are not of value to the user insures that time is not wasted on digging up junk metals and that the user focuses on precious metals that are worth more. The new Winbest® Master Edition metal features three search modes: The first mode tunes out false signals from mineralized soils, the second mode detects extreme differences in metals such as iron and gold, and the third search mode detects finer distinctions between metals such as aluminum and gold.

The Master Edition also has features such as user controls for ground balance, volume control, and fine-tuning adjustments between transmitter and receiver. The eight-inch waterproof search coil of the master edition metal detector allows for searching in shallow water. The professional Winbest® Elite Edition metal detector was designed for skilled treasure hunters. The elite Edition features three advanced search modes to help the avid treasure hunter make the most of their adventure by allowing detecting the difference from precious gold to mere minerals.

It also has an eight-inch waterproof search coil permitting the explorer to probe around various surfaces including shallow water. The advanced led display easily presents the findings in an easy to read format. Winbest® metal detectors by Barska® are compact, easy to use, and make a great gift for hobbyists. All Barska metal detectors are built for years of use and are backed be a one-year product warranty.

It's never been easier to judge ?trash from treasure? with these metal detectors. Ultra lightweight and compact make these metal detectors easy to transport and store. Features a discriminator that distinguishes from different types of metal, adjustable volume control for speaker or headphones (headphones not included) and low battery indicator. Operates on two 9V alkaline batteries (not included). Detection results are displayed on screen of the control box. Three models to choose from Pro Edition, Master Edition and Elite Edition metal detectors. Metal Detector Carrying Bag sold seperatley. Start exploring for treasures just about anywhere today.

Barska's commitment to outdoors hobbyists is without compare, as the company has expanded its line of products to include more than the devices which are most needed and sought-after by the typical outdoor gamesman and hunter. Indeed, the company's line of metal detectors is as broad and technologically advanced as anything sold to hunters through major retailers around the world, and there are two types to choose form which can provide a wealth of underground findings./p>

All too often, a metal detector is sold as a device which can simply signal any kind of metal that lies beneath the soil. That's fine, and it might meet the needs of some novice hobbyists who are just getting into the field of metal detecting and uncovering, but it's not enough for those who have sophisticated needs and know exactly what they're looking for with a metal detector in hand. For those customers, Barska produces a line of metal detectors each with there own special features. Most metal detectors offered by Barska have at least 2 modes; the first mode is aforementioned "general" search, which will cause the metal detector to ping whenever it comes across any type of metal located immediately beneath the soil. The second mode, which is far more advanced, actually allows the operator to determine which kind of metal they're looking for. The metal detector will then ignore all other findings, pinging only when it uncovers the desired form of metal during a typical ground search.

Best of all, the metal detector products sold by Barska display their findings on an easy-to-read control panel that can consist of a pointer, LED or LCD screen. That means customers will know what they're getting into (or, rather, digging into) before they actually put the metal detector down and begun to unearth the device's findings. It's the kind of mixture of high technology and old-school machinery that Barska has long pursued, and customers will appreciate its effect on their search.

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