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Laser Sights

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Lasers By Barska®

Green light seems to be 50 times brighter to the human eye than the light from a red laser. Animals are not able to see the light projected from laser sights, so use of the laser provides an advantage to the hunter. Scopes that use a wavelength of 532 nm maximize the visibility of the laser light for day or night use. This wavelength gives green light a brighter appearance than red light that emanates from a similar laser. Momentary pressure pads that house a push button switch are included on the laser sight casing. Lithium batteries are available in variable power, which is measured in milliwatts. Most sights on the market today use a 5 milliwatt battery. Battery life is very long for these sights since the power requirements for the laser are extremely low.

Most models will fit on the shortest rail on a handgun or rifle for ease of use. The laser body is made of T6 aluminum that is lightweight and resistant to bumps and dings that are part of using the sight when it is mounted on a weapon. Laser sights are used in military, hunting, and target situations where conditions can be harsh. Some laser models are fitted with special inserts that will fit all trigger guards on virtually any weapon.

Laser sights are one of the most accurate tools for pinpointing a target. Instead of the gunshot being the only measure of success, the tiny light from the sight is directed toward any target, the powerful laser will project a small illuminated dot that will represent the anticipated point of impact. For an amateur or expert shooter, the laser ensures accuracy when it has been mounted and then calibrated to the weapon through target practice prior to use in a real situation. When the light lands on the desired point on the target, the viewer can be assured of accuracy. Various colored lights are used depending on the target's distance, because some light colors appear to be much brighter than others.

The average hunter has moved beyond the simple riflescope paired with most guns during a day out in the field and has begun to prefer the combination of a well-crafted scope and one of many advanced laser sights. Barska prides itself on selling some of the best and most effective laser sights in the industry, and has long believed in tailoring the device more to the needs of the hunter than to the demands of the mass market for laser products. To that end, the company employs some innovative color technology and mounts that turn a laser sight into a tool for near-guaranteed success during a day of outdoor gamesmanship.