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Aus Vio Silk Bedding By Barska®

Aus Vio is a new luxury brand silk manufacturer dedicated to providing a wide variety of high quality silk products, such as robes, sheets, and duvets, to those who demand the finest silk products available. Our unwavering commitment to excellence is what guarantees satisfaction with our entire line of silk bedding and sleepwear. Aus Vio uses only the finest chameuse and mulberry silk available to provide our customers with a smooth, rich, and comfortable product that will last for years. Providing such high quality silk comes from an elaborate process that is used throughout its creation.

Beginning at the source, Aus Vio silk undergoes an extensive process to ensure that only the highest quality silk makes it to the final product. Silk cocoons are carefully monitored in a protected area to ensure that the silk strands remain pristine are not damaged. Then at the appropriate time, the silk is reeled and processed to deliver the high quality silk that is found in the final product. Aus Vio Silk Bedding offers complete king and queen size silk sets in three distinct colors: Iris, Pebble, and Smoke. The pillowcases, sheets, and duvet covers in these king and queen size sets are made of 100% silk charmeuse and are 19 momme. One of the key characteristics of the charmeuse silk is its shine and luster, which adds to the overall elegance and appearance of the bed set. Another characteristic of charmeuse silk is its durability, which will ensure the longevity of the silk bed sets for years.

The silk duvet inserts offered by Aus Vio are designed to add to the overall comfort of the silk set. The Aus Vio duvet covers are filled with 100% Mulberry silk, which is the highest quality silk that can be purchased on the market. Coupled with the Aus Vio duvet cover, a complete Aus Vio duvet will feature natural breathability. Silk?s unique ability to be naturally breathable allows for yearlong comfort, such as providing warmth when the temperature is cool during the winter, and providing a cool temperature when the weather is warm in the summer. The long strand silk fibers used in Aus Vio duvet covers mean that the duvet cover will be lighter in weight without sacrificing any of its warming or cooling abilities. An additional benefit of sleeping on Aus Vio silk is that silk has a naturally hypoallergenic characteristic.

The small areas between the individual silk threads prevent allergens from collecting in the silk sheet, which in turn prevents the allergens from coming in contact with the skin, nose, or eyes. Additionally the smooth nature of silk is also known to prevent dust mites from coming in contact with the bedding as well. Aus Vio silk also contains a naturally occurring protein and 18 amino acids that help rejuvenate skin and hair while you sleep. Silk naturally helps the body reabsorb moisture while sleeping, which can help prevent dry skin or eczema. A silk pillow and pillowcase is especially beneficial to preserving one?s hair as silk allows hair to glide over its surface, preventing unnecessary damage from constant rubbing and friction. There are numerous reasons why silk bedding is preferable over traditional bedding options, and the extremely fine quality of Aus Vio silk makes it a top choice in the luxury silk market. Aus Vio silk will ensure that exceptional comfort is provided, as well as durability and a luxurious look for your bedroom.