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Compact Key Lock Box with Mounting Sleeve

SKU: AX11812

This compact key lock lock box is perfect for locking your valuables inside your vehicle boat, home, RV or office or wherever you need to secure down the security lock box. Steel mounting sleeve has six pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware included for easy installation. Once the sleeve is mounted the sleeve holds the lock box in place. Only the key will release the box from the sleeve. The lock box can be mounted almost anywhere hidden away from prying eyes. When you want to move the lock box, unlock the lock box from the sleeve and take it with you. To open the lock box insert and turn the key and lift lock box door to open.

Dimensions L x W x H (inch):
Outer Size: 7.91" x 6.24" x 2.73"
Inner Size: 5.25" x 5.75" x 1.25"


Model #AX11812
Body MaterialSteel
Weight3.05 lb
Included AccessoriesSteel Mounting sleeve, Mounting hardware and Keys
Warranty1 Year Limited Warranty
Outer Size7.91
Inner Size5.25
Secondary AccessNo
Locking SystemKey
Door Thickness.8mm
Body Thickness.8mm

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