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Trinocular Stereo Microscope, 20x, 40x

SKU: AY11230
The zoom feature of this stereo microscope. Constructed with two separate light paths which results in a true stereo, or three dimensional (3-D) image of the specimen at it's lowest power. This microscope features a large stage for closer viewing of the non-microscope world. Items such as insect, plant and flower parts, stamps, coins, PC boards, etc. and does not need to be mounted on a slide.

- 20x, 40x Magnification
- Head rotates 360 degrees
- Transmitted and oblique 12V 10W halogen illumination
- Interpupiliary distance between 55mm-75mm
- Trinocular tube for viewing or can be used with an adapter for digital imaging
- Includes spare bulb and fuse, power cord, specimen plate and plastic dust cover


Combine with the 10x wide field eyepiece and within the objective lens of this microscope you will find two lenses (one for each path of light) side-by-side. Built-in coarse adjustments allow users to locate the target accurately. Out-of-the-box set-up and easy to use. 

Ideal For 
- General Medical Applications
- Industrial Use
- Hobbyists/Collectors
- Educational Fields

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