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Loaded Gear HD-600 Hard Case by Barska

SKU: BH11866

Loaded Gear HD-600 Hard Case by Barska

The new Loaded Gear™ HD-600 Pro watertight hard case is designed with durable travel features such as the built-in solid rollers and extendable travel handle. The HD-600 features crushproof, edge-to-edge, reinforced protection for secure transpiration and storage of valuable equipment. The HD-600 hard case is designed and manufactured to high military specifications to protect valuable equipment. This deep hard case is ideal for storing bulky equipment such as video cameras, optics, laptops, multiple handguns and professional equipment. Built for pro equipment transport, this travel case features an external atmospheric pressure equalization purge valve. The edge-to-edge crushproof case design is built to withstand most punishing of weather conditions. The deep interior features two padded layers of customizable pre-perforated cubed foam and two layers of egg crate foam case liner to protect valuables from internal movement. The Loaded Gear HD-600 features reinforced crushproof case hinges, strong carry handle, shoulder strap and two padlock mounting points.

Loaded Gear HD-600 Key Features:
• Edge-to-edge crushproof case design
• Watertight protective case seal
• Pressure equalization case valve
• Pre-perforated cubed foam
• Egg crate foam padding
• Reinforced wheel rollers
• Extendable Travel Handle
• Two padlock mounting points
• Shoulder strap

Loaded Gear HD-600 Package Contents:
1. Loaded Gear Hard Case
2. Two Layer Pre-perforated Cubed Case Foam
3. Two Layers of Egg Crate Case Foam Padding
4. Detachable Hard Case Shoulder Strap


Model #BH11866
Included AccessoriesCubed foam, removable top and bottom foam
Warranty1 Year Limited Warranty
Outer Size18.7" x 7.9" x 15.4"
Inner Size17.37” x 6.81” x 13.95”
Case MaterialPolypropyleneOpen-cell pre-perforated cubed foam and egg crate foam padding
Padding Material-10ฐF ~ 210 ฐF
Working TemperatureTwo molded in lock holes that accept shackle diameter up to 8mm
Lockable FittingsTwo molded in lock holes that accept shackle diameter up to 8mm
Watertight SealYes

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