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CB12186 - Gift Box Lock Box with Key Lock by Barska

On the outside, the gift box looks and feels like a real gift box, but it’s a lock box in disguise. Remove the lid of the gift reveal the key lock steel safe. This unique lock box allows you to hide valuables inside a commonly found item in a home. Blends easily in a feminine setting. The safe is encased in a pink flower print textured box with a bow. Simply insert the key, lift the handle and retrieve your items.

Dimensions L x W x H (inch):
Outer Size: 6.50" x 3.31" x 9.64"
Inner Size: 5.25" x 1.75" x 8.75"


This unique diversion lock box allows you to hide valuables inside a commonly found item in a home. Hidden in this lock box is a solid steel safe in a compact lightweight design. Because the diversion lock box look so real they easily blend into the surroundings of a home or office. No one but you will ever know that this everyday plain objects is really a lock box in disguise. Valuables can be hidden secretly inside this look-a-like diversion lock box and kept in it's seemingly rightful place. Ideal for safely storing small valuables such as money, passports and jewelry. Backed by a One-Year Limited Warranty.


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