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Large Keypad Depository Safe by Barska

SKU: AX11930
The Large Keypad Depository Safe is a heavy-walled steel deposit box intended for short-term storage of cash and is ideal for restaurants or any cash-business making regular bank deposits. This depository safe features a 5mm steel door, 2mm steel walls, and two steel deadbolt locks that are disengaged using either the digital keypad or included back-up keys.

 Keypad Depository Safe Features:
  • Keypad or Back-Up Key Access
  • Two Solid Steel Deadbolt Locks
  • 2mm Steel Wall Construction
  • 5mm Steel Door Construction
  • Two Pin Code Memory
  • Lock Out Mode
  • Anti-Fishing Drawer Drop Slot
  • Pre-Drilled Mounting Holes
  • Mounting Hardware / Back-Up Keys


Depository Safes
By Barska

Barska® Large Depository Safes

The digital keypad can store up to two user-defined pin codes. To resist tampering, this safe has a drop drawer with a row of jagged teeth that prevents deposited objects from being fished out, as well as a Lock Out mode that deactivates the keypad. A pre-drilled hole in the back and on the bottom of the safe permit mounting with the included hardware.

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