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Barska Opera Glasses


Get three times closer to the stage with BARSKA's line of Opera Glasses. Crafted from highly polished brass, with color accents that serves to enhance their elegance, quality coated optics for crisp clear images. Select models include a red reading light, an gold-trim necklace, or handle. After the show comes to an end, simply place your opera glasses in the included elegant leatherette pouch as you make your way to the rest of a evening. Whether you choose any of these products for yourself or as a gift, you will be making an investment in an elegant product that will provide years of enjoyment. Includes Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Barska’'s Blueline Connoisseur Opera Glasses, gets you three times closer to the stage

Barska'’s opera glasses are built with the highest quality optics and top notch construction to provide years of reliable functionality. The Blueline Connisseurs combine style and comfort to deliver the ultimate enjoyment of your favorite events. Making an investment in these elegant show pieces will provide one with years of pleasure and satisfaction.

Theater or opera glasses are petite, decorative binoculars used to obtain a closer view of an actor's facial expressions, a costume’s intricate detail, or the set’s lavish decorations. Opera glasses should be compact in design and lightweight so they are easy to carry and convenient to hold for long periods of time. The perfect power is extremely essential when choosing a pair of opera glasses. A magnification of 3x is considered ideal as it is strong enough to let you view the elaborate details, without losing field of view. The lenses used in a good quality pair of these compact binoculars should be coated to reduce reflections, allowing the user to enjoy a clear, bright view.

Under its “Blueline Conoisseur” line, the leading sport optics manufacturer Barska offers 4 models of beautifully designed and well constructed opera glasses that are a must have for any theatre aficionado. Crafted from highly polished brass and color accents that enhance their elegance, the quality coated optics in these opera glasses offer lucid, sharp images. Weighing just under a pound, each model is very easy to carry. An elegant leatherette pouch in included with each pair of opera glasses to help store these stylish and ergonomic binoculars safely while not in use.

Barska’s opera glasses are expediently built with both design and functionality in mind. Powered with a 3x magnification and 25mm lenses, they allow the user to enjoy the show without having to worry about making too many adjustments. Each model has unique features catering to specific needs of the user. Ideal for concerts or the opera, Model AB10190 features a beautiful mahogany pair of opera glasses with polished brass trimmings and a gold-trim necklace. Model AB10286 is a deep red, small roof prism binocular which is crafted with a reading light. The built-in red reading light is very useful in low-light situations, allowing users to search for a seat number or to illuminate some reading materials without disturbing a neighbor. Model AB11280 is a classy pair with a pearl white accent and gold trimmings. It is styled with a gold-trim necklace and crafted with a red reading light for optimum performance. Model AB11282 is a unique lorgnette with a silver brushed metal accent. It is designed with a handle which doubles in length for custom viewing.