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Aus Vio Luxury Silk Filled Comforters by Barska

Aus Vio luxury duvet inserts are 100% filled with the finest mulberry silk available, and are designed to provide exceptional comfort all year long. The natural breathability of the mulberry silk duvet inserts allow warmth to be retained during the cold winter months, and offers a cool soothing temperature during the warm summer months. Aus Vio duvet inserts are made with long strand mulberry silk fibers, which allows the duvet insert to be lighter in weight without sacrificing any of its warming or cooling abilities.

The exterior of the Aus Vio duvet insert is made of 100% cotton, which ads to the breathability and the durability of the duvet insert. When coupled with an Aus Vio duvet cover, sold seperately, the complete Aus Vio duvet set provides a luxurious experience of both comfort and quality. Aus Vio silk will ensure that exceptional comfort is provided, as well as durability and a luxurious look for your bedroom.